NASCAR ratings rise after Confederate flag ban

Hey listen. The two NASCAR races that I attended absolutely BORED me to death. Definitely not a fan of it, nor am I a fan of any other form of auto racing. But this is a VERY positive development, one which we, as Americans, should ALL be proud of! Read on.

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America is two different countries.

Remember the “Dukes of Hazzard”

Half the country watched the show to see that red car with the confederate flag on top and the other half watched the show because of Daisy.

By the way, how come there were no African-Americans on a show about Georgia.

I used to watch it for the “dynamite” arrows.

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F1 is enjoyable.

Back in my military days, I knew a fellow Officer who was absolutely obsessed with F1. We all lived in the Officer’s Quarters at Camp Red Cloud in Korea, and anytime there was a F1 race on the weekend, he’d tune in from his room on the Armed Forces Network, and would also follow it simultaneously on some website that showed each car’s data, stats, times, etc.

I can see how it might be less boring than NASCAR. NASCAR is just an avalanche of noise each time the cars come roaring around the rack, and that just goes on and on for hours.

If I ever go see another car race, it’ll be F1, just to say that I’ve seen it.

That said, as I mentioned above, no form of auto racing interests me, really.

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I watched because of Daisy. No doubt!

Need to ask Hollywood that question regarding black characters. Another place that hasn’t done so well with the black community over the decades although they attempt to sell the story differently.

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When Enos got his own show by moving to Atlanta, he had a black partner, if I recall correctly.

That show didn’t last long.

I never watched that show although I do remember the ads and Daisey Dukes. It just looked like a show that furthered the stereotype of southerners as a bunch of ignorant hicks and didn’t appeal to me.

But it made the Dukes look like the smartest people on the planet with out they out smarted everyone in the county each week and they had a lot of fun doing it. The show was highly popular in the South back in the day. I have always found for the most part Southerners have a good laugh at themselves. That seems to be a good trait for people to have these days.

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