Nate Hinton: One Rabbit Chaser

(Patrick) #1


“But, you know freshmen are like if you put three rabbits in a room with a freshman, then tell him ‘go catch a rabbit.’ He wouldn’t catch none of them because he’d be chasing the one closest to him,” Coach Sampson said. “He’d be about to catch one and here comes another one in his peripheral vision. He’d leave that one and go chase that one. And, then, he’s about to catch that one then here comes another one and go chase that one. So, after two minutes, you open up the door and say, ‘Nate, how many rabbits do you have?’ Well, he doesn’t have any.”

Houston’s Nate Hinton has learned to catch a rabbit.

(Ben B) #2

One Rabbit!!!

(Mike Higdon) #3

Good article about a star in the making.