Nate Hinton: "The guys before us. They set the tone. Now, it's time to keep pushing forward."


It’s crazy to think Nate Hinton may not be a top 3 player in our team this year.

The consensus might be:
Grimes (if eligible for y’all nerds)

I don’t see Gorham ahead of Nate. By the end of the year he could but definitely not know. Nate is considered the leader of the team right now.


I still have high hopes on Mills too. I’m buying that stock.

gorham likely isnt even starting.

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Gorham may not start but by mid-season will be one of our biggest contributors.

Print it.

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Nate will be the best all around player on the team imo. Can’t wait to see his improvement.


Thank you. @pesik :blush::blush::blush:

Hmmm… “Best all-around” can mean lots of things lol.

Fabian will be better than Gorham !!

Count on it.

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I don’t know, Coach Sampson did said that Gorham looked like the best player in practice during times last season. I trust his eye for talent over yours. White is a nice player, tho. Smart & Savvy. Plus, Gorham’s last 4 games at Towson University was like 28 ppg and 16 rbs that led to him transferring to a bigger school :eyes:

I agree that Sampson knows best. That is why White will start and be a go to guy down low this year.

I trust my judgment against your desire to hear what you want to hear !!


But that wasn’t the topic, tho :thinking:. I like White but he needs to stay healthy and stay out of foul trouble :zipper_mouth_face:

White and Gorham will both play. But you’re gonna love Gorham.

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Hope you are correct. Unlike you (apparently), I have never seen Gorham play.

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What I like most about White and Gorham…

They are BOTH juniors.

he said some an interview like 8 months ago… im not sure how you take “some pracitces” to be flat better than other players…

the player sampson has hyped the most this offseason is nate… he called nate the captain, that we are going to lean on nate. that we havent seen what he is capable off yet. in very recent interviews

also said that fabian was a man among boys in italy and our best player on the trip. you are picking and choosing which quotes to lean on

Thank you

He’s going to show out :sunglasses:

You just reiterate everything I said lol. I like Fabian but everyone played great in Italy. Even the transfer from Idaho, the one you said was going to struggle getting his shot off. Let’s just wait and see when the season starts. Both are good :+1:.

Too bad Nate had mono I believe during the trip. Want to see him improve in all aspects of his game.

the transfer had 1 good game, he finished less than 25% from 3 in all 5 scrimmages (4 international, red/white)…did he play great in italy??. also im talking about the whole trip
sampson said he was the best player from the whole trip was Fabian…

i didnt reiterate what you said… your point was that sampson would agree with your point of view using quotes…my point was that sampson quotes actual would disagree

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