Navy getting destroyed

By Hawaii :frowning:

Hawaii is back? Maybe?

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Hawaii scores 35 in first half

3rd qtr, 38-21 with Navy on H’s 10.

38-28 with 6:25 left in 3rd. Navy fighting back! Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!


We need our conference mates to win obviously.

45-35 Hawaii with 12 minutes left

59-41 ouch. Navy has work to do.

First game of the year, trip to Hawaii, playing a quick strike offense… Navy will be fine, bowl eligible, but struggle to contend for the West.

Hawai’i did the same thing against Colorado State last week. They might be for real.


Hawaii is very good this year.

I think they will battle Boise in the MWC title game.

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It has got to be difficult for Navy to travel that far and then play a game that late. I wouldn’t count Navy out this early just yet.

No way to count them out for sure. Always tough and well coached for sure. And it’s an early loss. Just wish we had got the conference win.

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Absolutely, hope they take overhyped Notre Dame to the woodshed later on this season.

Well I remembered the year we beat Oklahoma, was looking down and was taking easy the Navy game in the rain.

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