Navy Post Game Presser


“I didn’t see the appropriate improvement [regards to penalties] to compete in this conference”.


Where is Grant Stuart from before coming to this area? Did anyone else here the 'dem and 'dos and 'dat outa the kid. Hilarious. I haven’t heard Sofian Mousad speak, but I’ll bet it 'duh same.

He is from Conroe, Oak Ridge HS

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I know he was recruited from there, but he’s got some Yankee in there somewhere. He sounds East Coast or Chicago.

He does have a strong East Coast accent. Maybe he grew up around there when he was younger.

He could have spent time in New Orleans. People in parts of N.O. sound like they are from Brooklyn.


I can imagine what those cadets were yelling. Being a navy vet I have heard some brutal things and that was enlisted boot camp. I would imagine the officer version is way worse.

I can’t believe that they were able to get Stuard’s phone number. That is stage 5 clinger level.

Rick, officers are gentlemen – by act of congress. We enlisted men got a bad rep, we were all good boys and never used harsh language, drank heavy, or were ungentlemanly with the ladies. I think that was a rumor put out by the army to scare girls.


Have not really appreciated the cheap shots I see from a Navy every season.
Army turned me off back in the cusa days when one of their chear members pulled a Terrell Owens on our field.

I hadn’t thought about NO. A lot of New Yorkers moved there in the 1800s. But, I still think Brooklyn or thereabouts.

I think they prefer to be called Midshipman. The term Cadet is used for the other service academies I believe.

I remember seeing that Stuard was being recruited by the Naval Academy when we were recruiting him in high school

My wife is from New Orleans. I lived there with her for 18 years until we moved to Georgetown after Katrina. I brought her up to my family in New Jersey, they all thought she was from Brooklyn!!

My wife is from Orange. In NYC people didn’t believe she was from Texas. They thought she was from NYC

his FBI agent is a Navy vet

Perhaps Navy found his phone number from Houston Chronicle article in Aug 2020. It was a school supplies drive for his HS. There was a phone number listed.

Or Middies.

The ‘gentlemanly’ way the Navy linebacker went after Tune and was thrown out of the game causes me to doubt that they are all as well behaved as advertised. Hopefully that young man is an outlier.

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