Navy's Ken Niumatalolo emerges as strong candidate for Arizona Wildcats football job

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Now this is interesting…

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That is interesting. That is not an upgrade in Schools, at Navy he has a higher chance at a NY6 and being ranked every year (because they have). Also, it is the Naval Academy.


As crazy as it sounds, this is a good move by UA. Nobody in the PAC 12 has seen this offense and they would be very unique in a conference that could use a little smash-mouth. I thought it would be a good fit in a school like UA or OSU (Beavers) that struggle to compete in a tough conference with like-for-like offenses.

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That is what I was thinking Sleh. Plus, we did a pretty good job of shutting down the Navy team this year. (Thanks CMD!) A first year option offense when Zona come to TDECU next year, CMD would be happy about that.

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So they’re not hiring sumlin?

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I don’t know, maybe…

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Or maybe they are trying to get Sumlin at a better price? Very Sumlin-esque if this is why they did it.

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Khalil Tate is against the hire…


He’s more than welcomed to transfer here. lol


My opinion is that no way he runs the Navy offense at Arizona. I think he runs it a Navy because it is an easy system to learn and the cadets have VERY high academic standards to meet plus all of the other academy routine.

All he has to do is hire a good OC to put in something that plays to the strength of the players they have now.


This is why it would make more sense (to me) for them to just hire Sumlin. They wouldn’t have to change much. Plus, I REALLY want a Sumlin team on our schedule next year. We never get the chance to stick it to a former coach on the field. HIRE SUMLIN!!!

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There are a lot of pickers out west here saying that Arizona might have the best chance at winning the Pac 12 South, with both Darnold and Rosen moving on and the talent Arizona has returning. It’ll be tight and will probably depend on who they take, but I believe they would have a better chance with Sumlin, given what he could do with Rich Rod players - similar to what he did with Manziel. He’d fizzle once his recruits came in, but I think he’d be set up for a division title in year one.

I think Niumatololo would have similar results to that of his mentor, Paul Johnson, at Georgia Tech – which is to say averaging a winning record, but never enough to really compete for the conference title. Arizona players can’t even play contact until high school, so a down-and-dirty offense would be a pretty steep transition. California kids are mostly passing offense types, like what USC and UCLA have run for the last couple of decades, and the other mountain states nearby are pretty sparsely populated and less football focused by comparison even with Arizona.

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You are assuming he will run the triple option at UA. He ran it at Navy out of necessity, they just don’t get the athletes for the spread or pro style offenses. And, he continued what his successful predecessor ran. He was not always a triple option guy and could well change his MO to fit his new team, if he does accept that job.

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Word is that Sumlin’s asking price is really high. Same reason why he wasn’t really considered at Oregon after his name came up there. I think he sits out a year or two, maybe gets on TV as an analyst, and eventually drives up the demand for him (ala John Gruden or Chip Kelly).

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You are assuming that there will be a “demand” for him.