NCAA announces one-time transfer approved but won't happen this year

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The one-time transfer rule will have to wait until at least another year. The NCAA announced Wednesday that the rule was approved by the D1 Council; however, it won’t be developed until at least January 2021.

Although the rule may be developed in January 2021, it would not be effective until the 2021-22 academic year. That means that current transfers ahead of the 2020 college football season will still need to get a waiver in order to be immediately eligible.

The comprehensive package will address issues that impact transfer, including academic requirements, roster management considerations, transfer notification dates, accountability measures for schools that accept transfer students, and additional education on the transfer rules and process. The Committee on Academics will provide its guidance to any academic aspects of the package.”

If the one-time waiver does go into effect, the student-athlete would still need to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible: 1. Must receive a release from his or her current school, 2. Leave the school academically eligible, 3. Maintain academic progress and 4. Leave in good standing.

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So can this work for us if a group of area kids are homesick?

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Hurts us more than it helps us I think… coaches can take who they want from their roster when they leave.

P5 will be free to pick and choose the “performance players” from the G5.

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