NCAA T&F Championships Wenesday

So…Recap for UH:

110m Hurdles: Lattin to the Finals
100m: Burke to the Finals
400m: Montgomery and Igbokwe to the Finals
400m Hurdles: Lattin to the Finals
200m: Burke to the Finals
4x400: Houston to the Finals
Long Jump: Jefferson 2nd = 8 points


Amazing day!


Really couldn’t ask for much better. Set ourselves up well for Friday.

Does this give us a shot at the title? What about the other teams? Major surprises?

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I just looked back at last year…we had 6 total entries in the Finals (4x100, 3 in the 100m, 400m, 4x400). We were REALLY strong in 4x100 (NCAA record) and the 100m (finished 1st, 2nd and 8th for 19 points). Finished with 35 points for 3rd place. Georgia won with 52 points.

This year we’ve got 8 entries in the Finals (including Jefferson’s big 8 points in LJ). Don’t know if we’ll win any event, but should be respectable. To beat last year’s score we need to average about 4 pts (or 5th place) per event for the remaining 7 events. To match Georgia’s 52 points, we need to average more than 6 pts (or 3rd place) per event. 52 points would have won the National Championship in only 3 of the last 10 seasons. Not sure we can get there, but that’s why they run the races.

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Interestingly, after all the field events are scored, we are tied with Texas Tech in the team standings. 8pts for UH in LJ, and 8 pts for Tech out of their 3 field events. Decathlon is still in play for them, but their lone entry is in 12th place at this time.

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We’ve definitely got a shot. Flotrack has us projected in 2nd, 7 points back of Texas Tech, but that’ll change before the end of the night. We still need some luck to pass Tech, but we’re right there if it happens.


  • Jefferson putting up a 2nd in the Long Jump like he did at indoors was huge…Tech only getting a 4th was pretty big as was Holloway of Florida not even making the Final.
  • Burke putting up the 2nd best 200m time, in a fast field, was very surprising. He wasn’t expected to make the final going in.
  • LSU’s Flournoy going out hurt them bad as he ended up out of the 100m, 200m, and won’t anchor their 4x100. Probably takes them out of the running completely.
  • Arkansas missing the 4x400 final was eye-opening. They’re one of the top relay teams in the country; one less competitor for UH Friday.
  • 10.02 to qualify for the 100m was crazy.
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By my count, Texas Tech and UH each have 7 entries in the Finals on Friday. Granted, they’ve got Divine Oduduru, but we’ve got some speed too.

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Flotrack now has the Coogs in back of Tech by 6.

Tech - 63
UH - 57
Florida - 50

No one else is projected to have more than 31 right now.

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Somebody needs to send some bad sausage to Tech’s hotel. :wink:

What you’re saying is we’ve got as good a shot as anybody.


Arkansas back in the 4x400 Final after Western Kentucky DQ’d following a protest.

Can we throw tortillas at their runners?

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Burke vs Oduduru will be huge for the team title. Talk about the ultimate redemption story after dropping the baton in the prelims to upset Oduduru and lead us to the national championship.

Not to downgrade Montgomery and Lattin because I think we have to win the 400 and 4x400 plus get good points in the hurdles to win the team title. Really Obi too if he steps into a possible podium finish plus putting a great leg in the relay.

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Texas Tech decathlete Axel Hubert’s best events are on day two of the competition. He should finish around 4th or 5th but he’s only a Freshman so who knows. Following T&F is like following chess. Tech definitely dropped some points in the LJ, which may be somewhat mitigated by the PV. Anyway, good luck Coogs. If we can’t win it, I prefer you over LSU and Florida.


I didn’t dig in far enough…I did see “Freshman” and just said to myself, he’s out of it. :slight_smile:

What’s the story on the Western Kentucky DQ? The conspiracy theorist in me says the “protest” was that Arkansas finished 9th. NCAA reviewed it and said, “You’re right Hogs…Western Kentucky is NOT a state after all! Good catch! They’re DQ’d.”


I understand we ran last night’s 4x400 qualifying race with our “B” team… but who are our starters that will run in tomorrow’s finals?
We sure are better than the 7th best qualifying time for sure…


Not really sure. Guess they either left their lane during the 1st lap or they didn’t get the baton passed off in the right area at some point. I haven’t seen specifics anywhere yet.