NCAA Tournament 2018: Michigan won't play this ugly again, so Houston should be scared

(Patrick) #1

You know who should be scared as hell right now? Looking at you, Kelvin Sampson.

Because we’ve seen this act before from these Michigan Wolverines. Hell, we just saw it in New York. Show up at a tournament, play like you haven’t picked up a basketball in a week, set the game back 40 years with your shooting, and survive more than advance.


maybe, maybe not… but that writer is an idiot.


He hasn’t even considered the possibility that the Cougars weren’t at their best last night, either.


That was a fan piece for a Michigan blog… no idea how it ended up on that Palm Beach site.

It felt like one then he dropped a “we” in there somewhere.

(Patrick) #5

Yep, that was from the B1G SBNation site: Land of 10.


WE SHOULD BE WHAT???..Has Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, and Juan Howard decided to suit up again for them???..(LOL)…Michigan had problems with a team that was 1/4 of the size, but was quick. Michigan has terrible shooters from the outside. Michigan have Tall, Big players but struggled to score on the inside. You can blame that on long rest, but you should play better because your body is rested…not like what I saw last night. If UH bring their intensity, this game will be over. We are battle tested, play teams that are better than Michigan in our Conference (Yes the BIG10 don’t make this team better than Cincy or Whichita State), and have fared well…I personally believe, Michigan needs to be worried…because if they focus on Rob Gray only, the other guys will kill them. We are twice as strong as Montana…and Montana gave them fits!

(Jimmy Morris) #7

Second time I’ve seen someone say this. Would you consider Rob a terrible shooter from outside? Michigan has 5 guys with a better 3 point percentage on the year than Rob.


Would you say Cory Davis and Devin Davis are terrible shooters because they didn’t play well last night. The point I am making is: Stop making it seem like WE ought to be worried about Michigan’s Height, Length, Size, and “Name”. We are looking through two different set of eyes…but what I saw is a team that the Coogs are capable of beating. Some of you want to focus on why we should worry about the opponent, my focus is on why the opponent should WORRY about US!

(Jimmy Morris) #9

You kind of contradict yourself right there. You are saying Michigan fans shouldn’t judge Corey and Devin’s shooting from last night but you are judging Michigan’s players that way.

Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman was 1-6 from 3 last night but .392 for the season. Moritz Wagner averages 14 points a game with a .526 FG% and .400 3P% but for some unknown reason only took 6 shots playing 5 minutes more than his average.

Michigan has allowed an average of only 47 points a game while scoring 74 points a game and has a 10 game win streak. It’s not the name I am worried about.

FYI, the fan that wrote the OP piece did a hack job. I don’t agree with him at all because he is basically doing the same thing you are doing in a reply.


Again, what are YOU doing??? Telling us WHY we should worry about them?? Hey, you pull your hair out if you want to…I can’t stop you from your worries. What I did see is a beatable team and a reason for the people like yourself (who worry about size) not to worry…Sorry man, I believe what I believe…and we will see the manifestation of whatever shall transpire (good or bad) on Saturday. No worries about Michigan on my end!

(Jimmy Morris) #11

Actually I won’t be pulling my hair out because to me, anything after last night is icing on the cake. I see the game as a no lose situation. Even if we lose by 20, we would be losing to a big, more athletic team considered by many “the hottest team in basketball.” I expect us to play our hearts out and I expect the refs to give little respect to our bigs like has happened with 30 other refs all season. If we win, GREAT, if we are losing, you won’t see me yelling at the TV.

(CoogDentist) #12

See the problem with coog nation is that we have fans that will look at one of our opponents and without really researching it decide that we got this game. Then we play the game and we don’t win by 20 points or we lose and now we hear from those same guys about how the team sucks, players were overlooking this game, the coach didn’t prepare us, refs screwed us etc… When in actuality the team we played was very good or even better than us. I think Michigan had an off night last night. We can definitely beat them but it will be close if we do.

(Nick K) #13

i don’t think michigan had an off night, i think the speed of the guard play and the constant in your grill defense bothered them into poor decisions
montana is too small and not deep enough to keep that up for the entire game.
I like our chances, team gets up for name brand games and i think the defense will be super intense and the contributions will come from all over not just rob.

(CoogDentist) #14

The other good news is that Michigan shoots like 50% from the FT line. So when the refs decide to start calling 100 fouls on us it should not matter as much. But I’ve been a coog to long enough to know that the other teams averages mean nothing when they play us. I’ve seen guys who avg 20% from three have career nights against us.


I don’t want to get into a FT contest against anyone! We need to start making 3s and midranges (looking at you Corey, Armoni and Devin). If Michigan wants to live at the FT line, that’s fine by me!


The curse is over. UH has nothing to lose. 2018 is a historical success. We are playing with house money. This is definitely not a situation that calls for being scared.