New Coach's Salaries

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He was making $350,000 at Mississippi State.

Tired of getting beat up in the SEC. Winning is more important than money in some cases.

Hell, for $90K more I’ll switch jobs too!

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LOL yeah i misinterpreted that. 440K PER YEAR.

How much was CMA making last year?

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I wish I had a job where a $90k increase was only a 25% raise.



Co-DC Clay Jennings made $400,000 at Texas last season. Interested to see what Coach D will be making.


He wants to rehab his image and skip town? or
CMA is not completely sold on this guy?

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Very strange!

He’s going from Texas, where he was let go, to Houston. May have taken less to come here, but that’s only if he had other job prospects, which he may not have.

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Maybe not as good of a negotiator.

One year for any of the assistants seems strange in a time where the focus was on continuity.

It has been standard practice for UH to provide coordinators with multi-year contracts and assistants with one-year contracts.

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Why should we give Assistant Coaches multi-year contracts? There is no reason to, imo.

Why have contracts at all? If they get another offer, they are walking out regardless.

So the OC has a 2 year deal, the DC has a 3 year deal and the rest have 1 year deals.

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