New Director of Sports Performance - Alan Bishop

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“Alan Bishop was a slam-dunk hire for us. When we began our search and talked with people across the country, the one name that came up again and again was Alan’s,” Sampson said. “Our fans may not see or hear much from Alan, but they are going to see the results of his work with our players. I am excited to have Alan and his family join us in Houston and see what he will bring to our program.”

“I know coaches that have worked with Coach Sampson in the past, and I have heard phenomenal things about him and the way that he runs his program,” Bishop said. “When I came to campus, I was blown away with the facilities and the commitment to the student-athletes and the basketball program. Once I saw the campus, this was a no-brainer decision. I am humbled and excited to work with Coach Sampson and his program and cannot wait to get started at Houston.”

He replaces Jason Russell, who left to pursue other career opportunities.

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Sounds like a great addition. Our guys need a lot more muscle. Maybe Coach Bishop can get that done.


Awesome!!! Seems to be highly regarded by his old school & players. CKS has been having one heck of a off season. Man, can’t wait for the new season to start already. At the very least, I feel we can play with anyone in the country, and at least will have a Puncher’s chance against anyone in the country.

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I thought you wanted him fired?

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If you’re wondering about Jason Russell:

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First Tweet from Coach Bishop since joining UH

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Chicken Knowles is somewhere crying.

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Rob’s adding that muscle.

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As a kinesiologist I’m perplexed as to why this guy emphasizes heel wedges when lifting low weight. I get that he’s reducing the risk of injury but why not force the players to lift in platform shoes instead of regular cushioned shoes?


That platform is for it to not put too much stress in the Achilles tendon ligament and strain it later on. If you wear flat shoes, it takes away some of the effectiveness of the workout.

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Platform shoes are raised in the heel providing a wedge like assistance.

When performing a deadlift, snatch, clean and jerk it allows the lifter to naturally lean forward in front of the bar.

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Probably because not all exercises in the workout need platform shoes. According to the pics the lunges are done with the foot flat.

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“there’s nothin’ wrong with gettin’ strong”

(heard this on a workout DVD and could not resist here)

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Man, it feels good to have a team big enough and strong enough to compete against the Cincinnati’s of the world.