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No, that’s hubris. The same hubris shown by UH fans who don’t want to play the likes of Texas southern, or UTEP, or any other program deemed unworthy.

Passing on an offer because it doesn’t benefit you is definitely not a sign of fear.

UT scheduling Michigan, Ohio state, LSU, and Alabama makes anyone who says UT fears UH look bad.

Even if UH all of a sudden started getting 5 star players there’s still enough to satisfy the needs of UT, and other programs who recruit, yet do not play anywhere near Houston.


lol…You cant compare us to those schools…we were in the same conference with UT. They want to feel we are, but we are not, and money dont separate that. If your brother become wealthy and famous, do that make him better than you??? Hogwash. Call it what it is, fear. I experienced a lot of trashtalk from UT fans in Houston. The wife and I experienced both a lot more in Central Texas especially in Austin. Yeah, lil old UH while in CUSA still drew Hatred from UT fans even in CUSA. Personal experience, not something someone told me. Fear is what it is called.


We were in a conference with UTEP but don’t play them now. Are we afraid of UTEP?


Texas not playing Houston is part historical institutional animosity but a bigger part Texas getting the same benefit playing Rice.

They aren’t afraid of us per se but the chances of losing to us is real where the chance of losing to Rice is remote. So if that was the choice, Texas will always choose what is in their best interest.

The institutional animosity is real and Texas holds grudges. See their relationship with A&M.

The great thing is we don’t need Texas or A&M, we are paddling our boat just fine by ourselves thank you very much.

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The question here is whether we just happen to not play them or whether we are making a point to not play them (avoiding them). Does anyone know?

(There isn’t much of a question with regard to Texas. They’re avoiding us. They’ve played 2-and-1 with lesser programs than us.)


On that I completely agree with you. Who’s to know what athletic life would be like without bleachergate.


I do think Texas refuses to play us because of bleachergate. None of the people involved on either side are around anymore but Texas views it as a message to everyone “hey don’t cross us we have long memories”. They are doing the same thing with A&M.

Ok so they can go do something that is anatomically difficult. I don’t care if we ever play Texas again.

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I think that was the reason for a while. Now I think it’s that they look at us and don’t like the risk/reward ratio. You can call that fear if you want, but if so then a lot of message board people are afraid of Texas State and UTSA (after we lost to them, we got a lot of “Why are we playing them when we win nobody cares and when we lose it looks really bad”… our ADs don’t seem to listen to them, though we curiously have not scheduled Louisiana-Lafayette since that upset have we?)

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Other thanks bleachergate ask yourself this what’s in it for them to play UH? They can get pretty much the same benefit from playing Rice. I checked they have a 3 game series with Rice coming up.

If playing UH gives them more exposure in Houston, playing Rice does the same. So why would they play UH over playing Rice?


Not the same. We arent affraid to play UTEP. We will glady play that school in Austin…


Playing a former member of the SWC thst when they beat us, student brought the goal posts. Playing a rival in the same state…that is in for them…

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Texas vs Houston gets them more exposure both inside of Houston and outside of Houston than Texas vs Rice.

They’re not super duper selective about who they will 2-and-1. They recently finished one with Wyoming.

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The goal posts were torn down nearly 30 years ago, and it happened once at a time when Texas was having a dream season after multiple bad seasons and UH was ranked no 3, coming to Austin with one of the most potent offenses in college football.

Most Texas fans today probably don’t even give UH a 2nd thought, at least not as a cherished rival, beating whom is super special. They are not likely to see playing UH as anything special. They are more likely to still want to “punish” UH for beachergate. In fact I bet most UT fans probably remember UH more for belachergate than as a former conference partner and rival.

They can play Rice 2 for 1, anytime. Will UH agree to a 2 for 1?

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Not sure how playing UH will give them more exposure outside Houston. Playing Rice at NRG will get them enough exposure in Houston that they won’t care if it’s even 20% less than what they’d get if they played UH.

Wyoming may have accepted a 2 for 1, would UH?


You speak like one of them…Are you??


No. We dont give UT one for twos…even numbers only.

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I figured we were talking about 2-for-1 because that’s what Rice did. If not, then that’s a pretty solid reason for them to choose Rice over us.

Playing Houston gets them more exposure outside of Houston because people outside of Houston (who aren’t die-hard Longhorn fans) would watch. And more people in Houston would watch, too. Rice simply isn’t a good substitute for us in that regard. If they’re picking Rice, it’s not because there is only a marginal difference of interest. (If there is, we can and should forget any P5 aspirations.)

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We could do 4-for-2 then…

But seriously, if we’re only willing to do 1-for-1, that puts us at the end of a really long line and we are indeed probably not worth it to them. They don’t generally do 1-and-1 with G5’s at all.

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I have been accused of that before on this very board. My only crime being that I like to look at both sides of an issue.

As I said on this board before, all fans see the value of their school as self-evident. I don’t think that I need to defend or call out UH value on a UH fan board,

As General Patton once said “if everyone is thinking the same, someone is not thinking!”

I come here and deliberately take the opposing sides POV because that keeps the conversation more interesting. I don’t know why anyone would be offended by that.


You had me up until this point. Arguing for the sake of arguing isn’t fun. But actually believing in something is a good way to share ideas amongst cougar brethren.

I honestly do not think UT is afraid of us. I don’t choose to post that just to get a rise or to simply argue.