New ESPN deal with Big 12!

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I don’t think I am arguing for the sake of it. I just lay out a position as I think the other side is likely to see it.

My own belief re UT v UH is that it will happen the day UT sees there is more in it for them than UH. It’s that simple. It does not matter how much we all may think UT playing UH would be great for UT, but does it matter if UT does not share that view?


Why would they play Rice over UH?


UT didn’t need the “discount” because they have money. They paid the price, got what they wanted and didn’t have to bother with other details.


Honestly don’t care what UT fans think of UH. That ship is long gone. Only reason you’re on here to give an elitist opinion is to troll. Do you go on Orangebloods and police the delusional UT fans like you feel the need to do the UH fans on this board?

UH and the other expansion candidates were kept out of the B12 because the networks ultimately did not want to pay the pro-rata. Not because OU was sore about UH winning. Of course UT hired Herman for all those reasons, but they definitely would not have taken the chance on an unproven OC out of Ohio St. They took him because they saw the success he was having at UH. Fertitta wasn’t going to keep him around, Herman had ambitions to go somewhere else.

We’re playing all-comers…OU and Washington St. and Arizona and whomever else is on the schedule. Don’t care what elitist UT fans think of our schedule. We’re not out to impress y’all

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Tennessee is the REAL UT !!!


Yes sir. I went back to 1994. Is that really OK with you?


Sure man. Hmm…this is a UH board, wonder why its one-sided? Had enough of the one-sidedness at Orangebloods? Or if you really want to police delusional fans, go on over to TexAgs.


So by your logic, UT and Texas Tech are really pro-UH, since they came out publicly supporting UH

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We have a stadium to pay for no reason for us to do anything but 1 for 1’s at this time.


Thank you for confirming my pount of the typical Cental Texas fan in Austin. Delusional. Go tell your friends now…I dont care.


LOL, smack talk from a Texas Fan. Austin is not Houston. Go back there where your other delusional fans are. UT fans, lol!!!


Oh yeah, you are delusional. Lived in Central Texas for 5 years, born and raised Houston, Texas. Graduated from the best College in Texas, THE Univetsity of Houston. Wouldnt trade my degree for yours. Puke Orange, yuck!


Hey, If I am delusional…I am delusionsl to my school. Yeah, I am Houston Proud. UH Coogs al the way.

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The UT jackhole has gotten the ban hammer!


I do think the streaming trend is going to change the economics of college sports. They are going to know exactly how many households are watching a game and for how long.

I could see a time when your TV money is based on how many people watched your game. Boy if that happens, cheating will escalate to unbelievable levels because it definitely doesn’t pay to lose.