New Financial Aid Rule for "Equivalency" Sports (Not FB / Basketball)

Good, bad or neither for UH?

Probably bad for UH. Players basically don’t take up a scholarship anymore if they get good grades. The biggest winners are going to be expensive schools that give out a lot of need- and merit-based financial aid, and I can think of at least one of those that we play for a trophy every year.


Disagree. This is huge for sports like baseball, track, swimming, etc.


It helps schools with large endowments like Rice who will cover need based aid.

SMU told our Olympic sport daughter to get admitted, get your FAFSA aid and then they’ll talk. Well she was admitted and then they didn’t talk until later and said no walk on spots are available.

UH previously benefited from a relatively low cost of tuition and large metro area to draw from.

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