New Steve Magness Book - The Passion Paradox

(Patrick) #1

Select highlights:

:heavy_check_mark: How to cultivate passion in a way that is sustainable and healthy. (Hint: you don’t just magically find your passion!)

:heavy_check_mark: The relationship between passion, addiction, and mental illness.

:heavy_check_mark: The difference between harmonious passion (the best kind of passion) and obsessive passion (a destructive force), and how to nurture the former and avoid the latter.

:heavy_check_mark: The mastery mindset, which ensures you stay passionate about your endeavor without becoming a slave to external results.

:heavy_check_mark: Focusing on process over outcomes.

:heavy_check_mark: The illusion of living a perfectly “balanced” life and why passion coupled with self-awareness trumps “balance” any day.

:heavy_check_mark: Why moving on from a passion can be so hard and tips on how to do so with grace and grit.

:heavy_check_mark: And so much more…


He is pumping out books! I still have to get to Peak Performance. The Science of Running was an amazing book.

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