New Womens Golf Coach - Lydia Gumm

Congrats on the promotion!


Wow. She graduated from FSU in 2017 !!

I think she is around 27 or so. But supposedly she’ll be the youngest D1 head coach in the land. At least that is what I heard.


Better for recruiting

I believe she has a better personality for recruiting and relating to the female golfers from what I have been told. One of Chadwell’s major assets is who he is married too with Stacy Lewis being his wife. He was an attractive draw for a junior female golfer, especially if they have pro aspirations knowing that Stacy Lewis was close the program. Now A&M has that luxury.

And shame on Zoe Slaughter transferring to ATM

I am pro portal that allows players to move. If coaches can do it, athletes should have that right is my position. Plus, if a player wants to be somewhere else, they need to be somewhere else.

My question is (w/o knowledge but the timing looks suspicious to me), how did she end up at A&M so quick? Did they follow proper protocol with no contact prior to portal entry? Unless proven otherwise, my guess is no. I would really watch him with picking off any more players and the protocol are followed. If they want to go bad enough, nothing can be done. But watch out for illegal behind the scenes and prior to portal entry recruiting. Karen is a big time fish, can’t not afford to lose her.

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I think some early conversations were had as to “ what if “ and then once it occurred then move was made. As to Karen she currently dates a UH athlete so I think that may help in her staying but you never know.

Yep, that is correct and hopefully that keeps her. But A&M isn’t very far away for a weekend trip.

If I was in the AD or part of the coaching staff, I would be tapping our long list of current and former tour players to see if they could mentor Karen and other players who have that aspiration to turn pro to counter the possible perceived loss of a Stacy Lewis being close to the program with helping our current crop. That list could be from Leonie (a few years ahead) to people like Elk or Billy Ray who are local and or others. The list isn’t long on the women’s side but it is on the men’s side. Leverage what we have.

Karen definitely has a shot to make some hay at the professional ranks. Her ball striking tee to green is really strong and I hear she is a very hard worker. She does need to evolve with the putter and short game. But she has a legit shot.

There was no doubt, there were players coming to UH Women’s Golf program because of the Stacy Lewis connection to the program. We need to counter that loss and would seem that the best asset would be our former professional alumni.

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