Next year’s team


Without Rob Gray, I’m doubtful we’ll perform at this year’s level. He was such a big part of this team, he carried the team. I can’t imagine any player in the roaster to replace him and continue the success.


already have a thread going on this…
but sampson himself has been saying for months that next years team will be better than this years team

and we dont need any “one” person to replace rob…we are adding 3 4star players, and a high 3 star, along with texas’ mr basketball and the improvement of returning players…same thing with losing Dotson…we didnt need or have anyone doing 23 a game ,7 rebounds to replace dotson… a combination of everyone else improving and tons of new players replaced him


Rob Gray was special indeed, but we have a great recruiting class coming in.

CKS himself has been hyping up the 2019 squad