Nice OOC Schedule 4 AAC this week

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Memphis with a chance for a huge win.
It will be @90 & humid.

(Patrick) #2

Hate rooting for them, but would be real nice if SMU can pull off the upset and if Cincy and Tulsa can beat their MAC opponents. Of course, hopefully we can take out Rice as well.

No hope for ECU, but maybe UCONN can pull off a shocker at Virginia; I think I saw somewhere that Virginia is 17-35 all time against current AAC opponents. Most of that is their 11-27 record against Navy, but they’re 2-4 vs Tulane, 1-2 vs ECU and 1-2 vs UCONN. Only AAC team they have a winning record against is Temple (2-0).

(Trent) #3

I want Memphis to win, but those helmets and sleeves…woof.


Long run and TD pass to open the game for Memphis. 7-0


UCLA answers. Big running back goes through two tigers. 7-7

(Trent) #6

Henderson is a good rb though, good speed and great vision. Ucla has a terrible defense, and Ed probably won’t be fooled, but that guy is going to be a handful. Team overall is pretty undisciplined.


I like the sleeves, but the helmets are terrible. White-on-Blue tiger stripes are not a good look.

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UConn getting whipped by UVA.
O to 24 at start of 3d. On ESPN2

(Ben B) #9

Hopefully Memphis doesn’t start sucking now that I’ve tuned in.
41-38 Memphis currently.

(Ben B) #10

The Memphis offense is potent.


Maybe a game of who scores last

(Ben B) #12

Poor decision by Rosen leads to a huge pick for UM.

(Tom) #13


(Chojn1) #14

Memphis wins!

(Tom) #15

Jinx!..ok Memphis Wins

(Jimmy Morris) #16

I think you inspired ECU’s offense. 3 possessions, 3 60+ yard scoring drives, 17 points.

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Early but SMU up on TCU.
Headed into 2nd. SMU on TCU 12.

(Jimmy Morris) #18

I just realized ECU is 4-2 against the ACC over the previous 4 years.

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Vt ends up putting 64 on ECU.
In retrospect…should of kept last HC at ECU.

(PortlandCoog) #20

Yeah I think Ruffin got jobbed.