No more COVID threads until further notice - INCLUDING old revicing old threads

We’ve tried for months to allow COVID discussion but it simply doesn’t work - and unfortunately reflects the state of the sad discourse of the country. We had hoped the community would police itself but for many posters – many of whom are long term – the rules don’t seem to apply. Every political persuasion and identity has broken the rules on Coogfans, right and left.

For those who have restrained yourselves we thank you. However, we’ve reached a breaking point. And we feel it isn’t going to get better in the next 4 weeks. There are literally millions of other places you can vent your political opinions on the internet other than Coogfans. We recommend you avail yourselves of this.

What some of you may not realize is how many posters you are running off our board because of petty politics. It seems for some of you, your opinion is more important to you than the Coog community.

So… no more COVID discussion will be allowed on COOGFANS until further notice. Please do not start them, or bring it into other threads. As it relates to Coog sports we will provide guidance once we reach a consensus.


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