Non-offer recruit visits - offseason 2019

(Patrick) #1

This thread is for those, as of now, recruits that come by, but don’t have a scholarship offer from Houston. For those that do have offers, check the “Class of” offer threads

1st up, 3* C/O '20 OLB Robert Wooten from Stafford - Does have offers from Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Tulsa, and SMU

Class of 2020 offers
(David) #2

Offer from Syracuse? All the UH person has to say is: I know chillin’ in NY with Dino would be kind of cool but should it be this cool?


(Patrick) #3

Definitely. Guessing Chance Amie figure that out quick since he didn’t last a year up there.

Really interesting who this kid tagged on his tweet. Neville is highly sought after and the coaches have been after him hard.

(David) #4

Fertitta Center atmosphere should be a plus if his visit lasts into the evening.

(KFD) #5

If you have ever been to Syracuse this time of year - I have, many times - you know how much it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.


Been there done that years ago. I have never seen so much snow in my life, even during Ski trips. Getting in and out of that airport in the winter is iffy from a schedule standpoint, and scary. .


Does Syracuse have a lake effect?

(KFD) #8

It has a cold as shizz effect. snow drifts that make you doubt where the road is effect. make the inside of your nose freeze when you breathe in effect. freeze your breath on your hair effect. make you wear 20 layers of clothes effect too

(Tom Green) #9

Do they have Global Warming effect that far NE.

(Chris Vaughan) #10

Not uncommon to get 4 feet of snow from a storm.


Lovely damn place then!!

(Mike Higdon) #12

I remember Guy V talking about when we played there in the 80’s during the winter. Visitor locker room had no heat or hot water. Boeheim wanted a home court advantage.

That got me thinking, just how long has Boeheim been coaching at Cuse? Well he was an assistant from '69-'76 and HC since 1976. He might get on steady if he hangs in there.

(KFD) #13

To visit in the summer, yes. Summers in Syracuse are awesome

(Patrick) #14

Falls aren’t bad either. I’ve been up there a couple of times in late September-October and it’s a nice place. Trees are changing colors, weather isn’t too cold, and it’s a decent town. If you ever go, check out Dinosaur BBQ (I know, a BBQ place in upstate NY :roll_eyes:). It was real good, though.

(Patrick) #15

3* C/O '20 RB John Gentry from North Shore was in this weekend - Has offers from Arkansas and North Texas

(Patrick) #16

C/O '20 CB Upton Stout from North Shore - Has offers from Utah State and ULM


Shouldn’t UH football have a satellite office at North Shore?

(Glenn) #18

We do ! Go Coogs !

(Aaron) #19

Former North Shore Alum here… if we manage to get those boys we’ll be in NY6 for years to come.

(Larry) #20

This 4th Graduating Class North Shore grad here has long wondered why we don’t put in more presence at North Shore and try to compete with the big boys. The east side of the county was a wasteland of recruiting by UH for years while Texas, Ok, Tech and now LSU/SEC claim the area.