North Shore RB finally picks a team--not us

Not sure UH was ever in it.

He’s a 5 star recruit. They don’t normally go to G5 schools. We can’t get 4 star recruits so it’s no surprise he didn’t select us.

Honestly, I didn’t want him.
You can say that is sour grapes but he comes off like a locker room cancer.
I can’t stand that crap.


He’s the top rated player and most talented running back in the state. We could use his talent, but we don’t want guys like him. He was kicked off his high school team 3-4 times.

Kid has talent out the ears. But yeah he has locker room red flags all over the place. Hopefully for him, it’s just a product of being 18 and some maturity will come to him.

To go from Bama and UGA to TCU is quite the slip, like as everyone has said red flags all over the place.

Some of the comments I have read are pretty good…comparing him to Tonsillitis Johnson…extra points for you oldtimers who remember the book or author.

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I know some.will want anyone that a desk jockey labeled with 5 stars but I never wanted any part of him.

I have seen him, yes he has talent, in other words he runs well for his size, though not sure he is extraordinary. However he was suspended early in the season for multiple games and then kicked off the team and sent home prior to the state championship game for refusing to follow the rules and give up his phone the night before the game. Rather not have entitled brats here

We ONLY want kids that want US!


Life Its Ownself - Dan Jenkins

Tonsillitis Johnson, on the other hand, doesn’t say much. He’s the kind of player who can do everything with a football, except autograph it. SAT scores? How could you expect him to pass the test when he can’t spell it?

But T.J. wants him some kind of bad, because he’s fast, he’s got a 32-inch waist, a 52-inch chest, and he can bench-press the King Ranch.

Bad On Saturdays – for the right price. He can be, as Billy Clyde says, “Grovered.” As in, Grover Cleveland, he whose face its ownself is on them $1,000-dollar bills. And when the moment of truth comes, when T.J., B.C., Tonsillitis and his business manager brother, Darnell, are behind closed doors, their conversation goes like this:

“What number you want to wear on that purple jersey, hoss?” T.J. asked, squeezing Tonsillitis’ shoulder lovingly.

“Thirty grand,” Billy Clyde said, answering for him.


Almost…Dead Solid Perfect…


Former NSSH Alumni, kid is talented… I don’t think it’s his fault he has had issues as much as it is his background. Hopefully getting away from Houston and playing under Gary Patterson can mold him into a fine young man

He’s a good kid, just makes some boneheaded mistakes and needs guidance he never really got.

Maybe this slip will change him, he’s 18. He still has a lot of maturing to do. Wish him the best


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