Not a good sign - ESPN bowl Projection

Both guys on ESPN project Houston vs Army in the St Petersburg Bowl. When they do that after the regular season is over, it typically means they have been tip-offed. ESPN has input on match ups. It looks like we have been relegated to a bowl where we don’t get to play a P5 program.

We sort of last that chance when we finished 4th in our division. Also doesn’t help that the Big12 isn’t going to send a team to the Armed Forces Bowl.

St Pete is typically an ACC team vs an AAC team. The ACC has plenty of teams available. I hope they are wrong.

Hurts that Norte Dame wasn’t bowl eligible.

If we go to St Pete, we need Clemson to lose the ACC title game and be shut out of the playoffs. That would push them into the Orange Bowl and move everyone down and they would have a team available for St Pete. Probably end up with Wake Forest or NC State.

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