Not even three

… could stop Big Ed. My mind was blown consistently watching THREE Arizona offensive lineman unable to stop Ed from getting through the line and pressuring the QB.

I mean… we know what he can do… and it still amazes me. Still remember his debut game where he repeatedly knocked the Oklahoma center backwards on his tuchus.


Is it strength to be able to push through? Or has he been taught some skills (like twirling)? I just wonder what makes him special vs other linemen.

Heart and desire. It is not size.

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Quickness, intelligence, strength, and fitness.

He uses a great combination of leverage, strength and quickness. While the center is finishing their hike, he has already built up momentum to push them back. Because he is a couple of inches shorter than the average dominating defensive tackle, he uses leverage and keeps his center of gravity lower while losing no power doing it. He also doesn’t give up on plays that go away from him. His sideline to sideline coverage of every play makes him the most tenacious lineman in college football by far.

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I have seen Whitley, Montgomery, TJ Turner, Leonard Mitchell, Royce Berry etc.

Ed Oliver is the best I have seen. He might be the best player to put on a Houston Cougar uniform at any position.


Ed Oliver has incredible strength and has had great training but if that is all there is to it there would be other Ed Olivers. He has incredible muscle twitch. He is out of his stance and into the center by time the center starts moving. That comes from his genes. It has been refined and directed and encouraged but it is what makes Ed Oliver special.

Also, look how low he lines up. It’s amazing. He gets so much leverage…

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Has there been a wild-guess estimate on how many holding, tackling and hooking calls could have been/should have been called on Ed? Some were just ridiculous. Was there a single flag?

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He was getting hooked constantly.


If the officials were really calling the game there would be about 90 calls per game against the linemen facing Ed Oliver

He’s freakish athletically for his size. Could probably play some running back in a pinch. He’s also quick and fast. Add his non stop motor, and you have a special talent

He was getting tackled half the game. Poor center had no chance.

Is there a mechanism in college football for sending film to officiating crews to illustrate missed calls? That’s probably hard to do during the OOC slate, but I would think beneficial for when conference starts and the crews are more regular.

Coaches and programs can send film to the conference office and the conference can make decisions on referees.

There is a saying in football about being able to find holding on every play. If the officials don’t reserve calls for only holds they believe are effective, football would not be a fun game to watch anymore.

I’ve heard from scouts that Ed has some of the greatest handwork of any DL they’ve seen coming out of college. Ed’s commented about it and has stated that he watches film on guys he’s compared to and just picks up their handwork to practice on.

Incredible IQ and motivation from the young man.


There’s holding and then there is getting a choke hold around your neck, which happened to Ed more than once last week and it wasn’t called. Only thing is, it didn’t really effect him so much… but still,they need to at least call the choke holds and arms around the neck!

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I cannot evaluate Whitley because when I think of him I see him rushing toward the UT
quarterback with his blocker lying on his back behind him. He was a Deacon Jones that
day. . . . . Ed is terrific.

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