Not ranked in AP Poll

(Jimmy Morris) #21

Can you link a quote from an NCAA official that mentions Sagarin, BPI and Kenpom?


Starting with the 2017-18 season, the team sheets took on a new look. They now not only include each team’s RPI, but also include a team’s ranking in five other metrics: the ESPN strength of record and BPI rankings, as well as the KPI, KenPom and Sagarin rankings. In addition, a team’s schedule and results are now broken down in four quadrants that place greater emphasis on games played on neutral courts and in true road environments.

(David) #22

Only thing it probably hurts is local buzz by casual fans. If UH was ranked, you start getting people’s attention. Fertitta Center should help for now. At least the NCAA basketball tourney is more inclusive than the CFP for football.


Agreed. Ultimately the thing that far and away matters the most is the seed next to our name on Selection Sunday. However, being ranked helps to build buzz, which is almost always good. It’s nice but not something to get worked up over. Of course, I’ll never forget losing to South Alabama immediately after the only time we were ranked over a 24 year stretch.

(David) #24

Agreed. What is great is that UH went into this season already being thought of as a NCAA team (it’s probably been since Pat Foster that this was the case). Without that reputation / brand, I think it would take beating LSU and Oklahoma St to start sniffing the Top 25. Thank you Coach Sampson.

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Guess the neutral site win over Wake Forest and “home” win vs. Arkansas are the difference in the decline for UH. Hard to believe with the loss to Drexel last year and no losses this season.

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That #18 ranking was end of last year final KenPom rankings. Remember they started in the 50s or even 60s in most polls for 18/19 season. Were too many unknowns with your top 2 players graduating. They’ve steadily moved up ea week inspite of playing 4 gms w teams that are over 250 or in 300+ ranking of 350 schools.

(David) #28

Sorry…thought it was a comparison at the same point last season. I get the #18 now. Thanks.