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Just saw on TOS we are still UNRANKED in D1.

Meanwhile, we’re #11 in Perfect Game.

Makes zero sense.

Every year I am baffled at how the different polls work. UH now with a #5 RPI and only 5 losses and not ranked in some polls. Although I think it helps our RPI, Cal S Fullerton a top 10 team going 1-3 last week and has 8 losses. SMH

Reminds me of 3 years ago when we made it to the super regionals. Most of the polls slept on us even though we were #1 in the RPI.

Mostly, it just confirms that a lot of the folks covering college baseball really don’t have a clue.


Here’s D1Baseball:

ULaLa is still ranked after losing to Houston and Tulane this week.

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Perfect Game:

Only site to have is ranked all year.

I think guys like Kendall Rogers want to prove that they know something that everyone else doesn’t, so they are stubborn to drop a team they know to be better than someone that wasn’t on their radar. Every single metric says we’re better than ULL, and we beat (shut out) ULL in their house? Doesn’t matter, ULL is better because he said so.

I guess we are going to be the first team in college baseball history to hope to earn a national seed as an unranked team.

I think we’ll be OK, but we’d basically have to win out to get a national seed this year. Hosting a regional is very much in play though. Luckily the committee using the metrics over the human polls.

I agree on Rogers and it can be applied to the entire D1Baseball staff. They did keep us ranked for awhile last year even when it was obvious we weren’t deserving of it. Main reason that I won’t subscribe to their site; they just don’t have much sense at times.

Just read the reasoning that D1Baseball gave for not ranking the Coogs in a chat they did today. Said UH is probably 26th, but couldn’t rank them because they dropped Baylor out this week and the Coogs lost that series. That was from Rogers.

That’s just dumb. So we lose a tight series, ON THE ROAD, to a Top 30 team and we don’t deserve to be ranked? So, TCU lost a series to UC Irvine yet is ranked top 5…hmmmm…

Later, they say that UH is in the national seed conversation because we’re in a position of strength…but they won’t rank us. :confounded:

If you subscribe to that site, you’re wasting your money.


Their problem is that they are keep trying to justify putting a top 10-15 team into their 25th spot. The mental gymnastics are embarrassing. Just put us where we should be, and then they can be free to debate the lesser teams like San Diego, Southern Miss, Lafayette, Ole’ Miss, etc.


Massey Composite has us at #12

All the statistical rankings have us either top 10 or just outside of it. Perfect Game has us at 11. Human polls have us in the 20’s and D1Baseball didn’t rank us.

Looking at Massey, there’s a huge discrepancy between the computer rankings and the human rankings at this stage of the season:

  • St John’s is top 5 in the stats based polls, but in the teens or 22nd in the human polls
  • South Carolina is in the teens in the stats based polls, but top 10 in all the human polls
  • TCU is in the teens in the stats based polls, but top 5 in all the human polls
  • Baylor is like us, in fact one spot ahead of us in the composite, top 10 in all the stats polls, but 20’s and unranked in the human polls
  • USF is top 10 in stats polls and unranked by everyone except Perfect Game
  • Wake Forest is in the teens in all the stats polls, but in the 20’s or unranked in the human polls
  • Florida is in the 30’s and 40’s in the stats polls, but top 10 in the human polls
  • Stanford is in the 30’s and 40’s in the stats polls, but top 15 in the human polls
  • Mississippi is in the 30’s and 40’s in the stats polls, but in the high teens/20’s in the human polls
  • Auburn is in the 40’s in the stats polls, but in the teens in the human polls
  • ECU is in the 40’s and 50’s in the stats polls and ranked by Baseball America and Perfect Game (16th)
  • San Diego is in the high 40’s in the stats polls and D1 Baseball has them ranked 23rd
  • ULaLa is ranked in the 80’s and 90’s and ranked by 3 human polls

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