October 8th

October 8th
Let’s roll back the tape and take a step back. We all knew coming into that game that we were going to have a tough time. Navy is never an easy team to play, even at full strength. What surprised me in that game was the “lackluster” performance. Yes, we were(are) battling injuries but we had to step up and we did not. Every Coach will tell you that it is a privileged to play a Navy, Army or Air Force. Then came the Tulsa game. This is where I started to sense that we might have some serious issues within the program.
Make no mistakes friends any opponents can beat you and beat you up. This usually happens when you have:
• Major injuries
• No depth
• Bad Coaching staff
We know we have injuries but again every team has injuries and they deal with it.
Do we have depth? I would argue that we have the best roster in years.
Bad Coaching staff? A few weeks ago, they were regarded one of the best in the entire Div. I landscape.
So, what has happened in just a few weeks? I would strongly argue that this is not happening by mistakes. I will put forward that the small12 snub is at the core of this tropical storm. Last Monday’s announcement took the air out of many. I will go further and think that quite a few knew that the small12 was not going to expand weeks ago. I never believe in so call internet beat writers but I am now convinced that there was “fire” weeks if not months ago.
Coaches like CTH have countless “connections” and they must have known that we would not join the small12. Just think how this program has been built. Look of what everyone was convinced of, me included. We all thought we would join the small12. This was inevitable I thought especially with the political power heads behind us. Many recruits came for what we now have to offer but would they have come if they knew we would be stuck in a G5? You have to think about it.
Again, it is pure speculation on my part but this small12 snub is what is causing this setback. Some of you think CTH could win a National Championship in a G5. The dark and true reality is that it is/will be impossible to reach that level. The P5 cartel won’t allow it. Will that send CTH packing to USC or uta? More than likely it will happen but I still have trust in CTH. What’s at stake folks? Recruits, plain and simple think about the message that we could send if our next home game is deserted? We need to fill up the stadium. That is the best message we can send to any P5 suitor. We gotta stand together in bad and good times.
We shall never surrender.


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