Offical Gameday Thread: UH at SMU - 6pm on ESPNU (L 45-31)


Yea. 80 yards in the first half qualifies.


You can ban me if you want. SMU didn’t lose this game. Those kids were flat. Alcohol lost that game.

(Russel ) #1347

I’m with you on that!


It’s so clear.


If this was Briles offense, the playbook for this game needs to be put in the shredder. 8 passing plays in the first half sounds like something from the Yeoman years.


To be fair this was not Briles offense today. THis was so stupid Nebraska running game that led to no where. Fair?


Kendall, Major, etc. please don’t show up drunk again. Which you really looked like.

(Mark Jacob) #1353

I’m was at this game. Watching the secondary line up 5 yards off the receivers and back petter away on the snap. Guarenteed 5 yards st the catch.
And how did we not stop the run after a 90 weather delay knowing they will run the ball to kill the click and set up the field goal!? 3 runs up the middle and a touchdown Ponies. Are you kidding me!!!

(Mark Jacob) #1354

Ahhh, no it’s not.


Remember the 2015 D? That was something to behold. How can we get that?


Say what you will, but Herman got everything out of that team. Didnt love the concussions, but did love the spirit. Applewhite? Not so much.


“Best trained team in America! You show your name T-stew. The world will know your name!” And it worked.

(Patrick) #1358

Recruit defensive players like Levine did. Of those starting on defense right now, a whopping one was recruited to play defense by Herman (Oliver/Fleming). That’s it. Here’s the breakdown:

DE: Turner/Chambers - Applewhite
DT - Oliver/Fleming - Herman
DE - Carter - Levine
LB - Robinson - Walk-on
LB - Owens - Grad Transfer or Brown - Walk-on
LB - Egbule - Levine
LB/CB - Williams - Levine
CB - Johnson - was an offensive WR / Levine
CB - Myres - Walk-on
S - Anderson - Transfer / Applewhite
S - Davis - Levine or Sprewell - Applewhite

(Patrick) #1359