Official Coogfans UH v USF watch party

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Great host and party! All the classic beers plus $2 fire sale beer.

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Please note if you will be able to make it so we can plan accordingly.

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Year 2107?

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Damn. Were still in the AAC in year 2107

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Yes, just 5 years before…

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BTW, fixed it… thanks CoogEditors!

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Love that album. Still have it, too.

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Just a heads up. Coogfans has expenses and our sponsors help keep us going. So please if you have time Saturday and are on the South side of Houston. Join us for the game at TBR. We have a DJ and great beer on tap which should make the game fun to watch. Plus you will be with your Cougar brothers and sisters cheering on the good guys.

We appreciate your support.

Raymond Moore
c/o 2001
Eat 'Em Up Coogs

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Looking forward to seeing you at tbr today. Game day.

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Please feel free to wear a Halloween costume.

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Wish I could make it, but my grandmother is having her 91st birthday party today.

Have fun and Go Coogs!

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I live in clear lake! Me and a buddy will be there for sure!

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