Official - Game time Vs. Navy - 11:00 AM


Game time vs. Navy on Friday, November 24 is at 11:00 AM - ESPN.


What a terrible year for tailgate experience. Just 2 games - Rice (7:00) and SMU (6:00) with start times for a reasonable tailgate.


Should be alright weather-wise I think. Hopefully crowd shows up to see what’s up.


The weather this year for our home games have been dreadful. It does make a difference in the experience of the game. Haven’t enjoyed the home games as much this year compared to previous seasons. The weather has been atrocious.


3 of our 5 Saturday Home games this year have been at 11:00 AM. And we had one Thursday night game. Hopefully some other AAC team can take the hit next Season!


I agree with Nate on the weather being awful for our games. I have not worn long sleeves / sweater / jacket in TDECU since the 2015 season. Hoping for a cooler day for the Navy game.


I wonder if The OSU and Michigan fans are complaining about their 12:00 EST kickoff 11/25? Serious question. Also, as a thought about why no one seems to care about the negative impact on tailgating that early kickoffs have, how many of college football’s potential attendance capacity tailgate regularly? Not that many, I think, which is why conferences don’t seriously consider start times based on the impact on tailgating.


I don’t see Texas or Texas A&M fans complaining about early start times, they just show up!


Hell, if the pro team at 610 and Kirby can sell 72k tickets for noon on a Sunday year in and year out for 15 years, I don’t see why an 11 AM kickoff means we don’t sell half that many.

(Robert) #10

Well that ends my season.

Wife has dialysis on Friday morning.

ESPN and the other sports media networks are the masters and Madam President, AD, and UH are the servants. When told to bow down, sacrifice what few fans UH has and play when told. They obey and kiss the media masters shoes. After all, it is no longer about the fans but about the TV money.

Even UT has fewer in attendance and well the Aggies are faithful to their god. Even if their god sees to it that they have never won a mythical National Championship since the all white, no women allow to be students, 1939 team.

Fortunately most UH grads and students are not sheep and are not herded by the ESPN/Media sheep dogs.

Question, What is going to happen when most of the ladies who make up over 50% of college students decide they no longer want to go to FB games? A female student at USF was asked if they needed a on campus FB stadium and would she support student fees to help pay for it. She said no. UH FB fanatics better hope the ladies stay ignorant of today’s two tier P5/G5 college FB.

(PMM) #11

Then you ain’t listening. Of course, their empty seats could be because they are just crappy teams.


UH is fortunate that such a huge percentage of the fan base lives within 35-40 minutes of the stadium. So many season ticket holders at other schools have to make travel and hotel arrangements on 12 or 6 days notice. UH fans just have to decide whether to grab their post game meal at the house or along the freeway on the ride home.

I will wholeheartedly agree that the TT game and the ECU game were miserable to sit through. SMU wasn’t much better. Nobody seemed to mind sitting in the rain for Cincy and Vandy in 2015 because the Coogs were undefeated. Hopefully we will have a beautiful day for Navy. My kid has really mixed emotions about his last game as a student but 4 years of Cougar football have made him a fan for life. That’s the thing Cougar fans should be most encouraged by, the enthusiasm of the student section. You are building the next generation of fans with the fun they are having on Saturdays.

I hope a lot of people show up to bid farewell to the seniors. They’ve been fun to watch and some of them have really developed over the course of their careers. They deserve a good send off. Go Coogs!

(Trent) #13

That’s a much better last game as a student than I got. My first and last games as a student were losses to Rice.

As discussed before, I’m pretty happy about getting this one game as a day game, and getting out of 40 degree rainy weather for 75 degree nice weather will be good (I only get 75 and sunny 8 months out of the year, don’t tell the Californians).

See y’all there!

(Jay C.) #14

Going back to 2013, the breakdown of kickoff times at home have looked like this:
11:00 A.M. - 11 (TTU '17, ECU '17, Navy '17, OU '16, Lamar '16, UCF '16, Navy '15, Tulsa '14, Memphis
’13, Cincy '13, SMU '13)
2:30 P.M. - 4 (Tulane '16, Cincy '15, Tulane '14, BYU '13)
6:00 P.M. - 6 (SMU '17, Tulsa '16, Vandy '15, Memphis '15, UCF '14, USF '13)
7:00 P.M. - 9 (Rice '17, Memphis '17, UConn '16, Louisville '16, Tenn Tech '15, TxSt '15, SMU '15, Grambling '14, UNLV '14)
7:30 P.M. -1 (Southern '13)
8:00 P.M. - 2 (UTSA '14, Temple '14)

Doesn’t look like a very equitable distribution, does it? Well it’s even worse when you factor in that 50% of the “evening” kickoffs were on Thursday or Friday night. So we’ve had a whopping 9 Saturday evening kickoffs in the last 5 years. I know that the early games are preferable for some, but the attendance and tailgating suffer greatly from this.