OK, so will we be in the Final Top 25?

(Ryon Adams) #1

What say you?


i think we most likely will…

i don’t think we’ll make any preseason lists though


I think we’re ranked in the final poll…and next season, I think we get a few votes.


We should be.

(Russel ) #5

If they really evaluated our guys coming plus returning players and our coach…you would think they would.

I mean for next season.

(Patrick) #6

We were…we were ranked #21 in the final AP Poll.

I don’t believe the Poll does a re-rank after the tournament. No real point to it since the NCAA runs the tourney and 68 teans, including all conference champs are involved. There is only one champion in basketball.

Football has a final AP poll after the season because the NCAA doesn’t run the football playoff or officially sanction the champion of the playoff. The AP Poll is one of the many that is used by schools to claim championships.

(Ryon Adams) #7

There was a final women’s poll from USA Today that was released AFTER the championship game.

I’m hoping that there is also one for the men, and that UH is in it.

(Patrick) #8

You’re correct. The Coaches usually release a poll after the tourney ends via USA Today. Should see it tomorrow probably. I think they’ll rank the Coogs, probably around 24th.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they drop us out completely since Rob Gray and Devin Davis are graduating.

(Alfred Matthews) #10

not a final top 25, but espn did their “way too early top 25 for next season”

No AAC team listed.


Final Polls Story…

This from UHCougars.com#21 in the Final API Poll and #22 in the final USA Today / Coaches poll!


Do these polls actually rank teams as of the end of this year, or are they pontificating about where the teams will be to start next year?

(Alfred Matthews) #13

the one i posted is the answer to your latter question. the one coogttb posted is the answer to your former question if that makes sense.


rank for this year, no reflection on next year

(Tom) #15

Cannot understate how grateful I am to this team. They gave it their all -all season long . Enjoyed watching them play. Thank you :pray:

(Jason Lee) #16

The AP poll is hilarious (I know it was final before the Tourney). Virginia #1!

(Patrick) #17