OK State hit with violations

For anyone keeping Track OSU signed the number one player for 2020 ( Cade Cunningham) it will be interesting to see if he goes G league are opts to transfer

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I would imagine their seniors would be able to transfer out without sitting. Will be interesting to see it play out with Cade Cunningham.

Looking at their roster, I don’t see any seniors.

To me this a raw deal. None of the current coaches and players were involved. Yet LSU is still untouched.


I will never understand how LSU is escaping this whole deal.


This could get interesting, OSU was not the worst offender, by far, in this scandal. Blue Bloods could actually receive harsh penalties as well. LSU not out of the woods yet.


They had a very young team last year I think. They were pretty good when their star player (Will Likekele)was healthy and not so good when he wasn’t

Will the NCAA let players transfer without sitting one year since the school is on probation?

EASY! The NCAA investigators don’t want to become alligator bait, so they never venture into Baton Rouge!


As I heard from a guy one time who said he was told, “All it takes is a call to New Orleans and all the problems would go away.” He was talking about something other than sports or LSU.


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