Oliver Named SI’s Top Player in the Nation

(Patrick) #1

We’ve been waiting to unequivocally say “Ed Oliver is the best player in the country” for two long years, ever since he sacked Baker Mayfield twice in the first game of the 2016 season and it was pointed out that that was a true freshman out there, terrorizing Oklahoma and its future Heisman winner on national television in his college debut. After two years of watching the 6’3", 290-pound former five-star recruit slice through offensive lines that spent all week worrying about containing him, swim through the backfield with the agility of a cornerback and rip down ballcarriers with one hand, it’s clear now that there’s no one else like Oliver in the country.”



(09Frontiersmen) #3

Does Ed qualify as the best player in the country if we are group of 5 (sarcasm)? This seems like a distinction for a power 5 conference player.


Actually, I been amazed that no seems to be discounting Ed’s performances by saying that his completion in the AAC isn’t as good. Interesting. Maybe the AAC doesn’t suck after all!

(PMM) #5

It is really about the NFL. They DO NOT care what conference the player plays in !!

(Randy ) #6

I think it’s because everyone knew from the beginning. He was a 5 star player that everyone wanted.


Best player in the country and its not even close. 14-0