One of shortest teams in country, UH finds other ways to stand tall

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With an average slightly above 6-31/2, the Cougars are an inch-and-half shorter than the next closest teams (Tulsa and SMU) in the league. Four teams in the AAC - Tulane, UCF, South Florida and Temple - rank among the top 30 tallest squads in the nation between 6-6 and 6-61/2, according to

The tallest team in the country is Syracuse at an average 6-8.

“We practice so physical and play with so much heart that height doesn’t matter to us,” Corey Davis Jr. said. “There are a lot of teams that have 6-6 point guards, 6-7 wings and we’re like 6-0, 6-1, 6-1. [The height] never plats a big part with us. As long as we play hard it really doesn’t matter.”


In the 70s we had one of the tallest teams in the country, with Lou Dunbar playing as a 6’-9" guard. Now we have one of the shortest teams in the country. I don’t really care one way or the other as long as we hit or 3 point shots, which in my opinion is the great equalizer.


C. Davis turnaround fadeaway jumper reminds me of what Elvin Hayes shot looked like although he was a lot taller. Very hard shot to block.


That 1969-70 team must have been pretty short if you have 6’2" Ollie Taylor jumping center. Mars Evans was 6’10" but didnt play most games. Bob Hall was 6’9", but he only played 10 minutes per game. Everyone else was 6’7" (2 players) or shorter

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One of my top 2-3 favorite teams, maybe my favorite. Sure Ollie was only 6’2" (actually shorter than that), but did you ever see the pic of his jumping center against Alcindor? While he was at San Jac supposedly he would take quarters and put them on top of backboard then jump again to take them off

Dwight Davis was one of the 6’7" guys but he played more like a 6’10" - 7’ guy.

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Ollie Taylor could jump through the roof. Incredible leaper. Another San Jac product also.


The picture in my mind of an Ollie Taylor block of the 6’10" center from Santa Clara at Hofheinz is just great. You guys remember the warm up where Ollie would dunk two basketballs on one jump. That 1970 team was Dwight Davis, Ollie Taylor, Steve Newsome, Bob Hall, and Poo Welch who was a great shooting guard.

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Bob Hall graduated at midterm, but his final half year here he really became a player. Hall was highly touted coming out of Bellaire but was a major disappointment up until that final season. Guy would have loved to have had him the entire season…some of you old timers correct me if I am having a memory lapse here…

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I had a PE class with Ollie and he would come to class, show us fat boys how to dunk, and then go on about his business. And I am sure he made a much better than I did LOL…
Not only was Ollie a great leaper, he had great timing and balance to hang in the air and get his shots off against much taller guys. He was one of a kind, simply amazing to watch in action. That '70 bunch with him and Poo and Newsome came within a point of beating Kansas on its home court and advancing in the NCAA tourney.
Ironically, we had much more talented teams from '71-73 that included DD, Dwight Jones, Dunbar, Sidney Edwards, etc. that underachieved to a great extent…
Those were the day we ruled this part of the country in hoops…

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Anyone hear the play by play guy a few games ago say something about San Jac closing down there basketball program not being a big deal because it never mattered. Reid Gettys chuckled and said, " I beg to differ. " and rattled off about 5 NBA players that came out of San jac.


Reid Gettys likely knows that San Jacinto men’s basketball teams played in 8 national championship games and won 4 national championships back in 1968, 1983, 1984 and 1986 - including 2 years during which Reid was playing on UH’s Phi Jama Slama teams ('82 thru '84).

(Randy Randel) #12

Hey Butch, that scenario would never take place today. Kansas was #4 in the country and beat us 78-77 in the Regional semis in Lawrence. Of course we hosted a very good New Mexico State team led by Sam Lacey at Hofheinz in the Preregional game against the loudest crowd ever in Hofheinz. The concourse was at least 2-3 deep all the way around.

We beat the Notre Dame team that ended UCLA’s winning streak in the consolation in Poo’s last game where he outplayed Austin Carr.

As you also well know, the Final Four was played at the Astrodome that year. We had already beat Villanova, one of the Final Four participants, earlier in the year. We were oh so close.

BTW, how did that team lose to West Texas late in the season?

(Butch) #13

Great memories of that team Randy…Poo Welch was one of the most sought after JUCO players after his two splendid years at Tyler…assistant coach Harvey Pate called me to come over to the hotel to interview Poo. He was a very quiet guy who frankly had very little to say.
Harvey told me that at the time it was down between us and Kansas. Poo was a terrific person and basketball player. His game against Kansas, although in a losing effort, was an epic performance.
That was one of the most exciting teams Guy ever had here. Not big in size, but cat quick and played with so much heart. If Poo had been around to play on the team with DD, Jones, Dunbar, etc I think we would have been no doubt a final four team…
As far as losing at West Texas State I don’t anyone understood that one…just another case of playing on the road and not being prepared. We beat them by around 20 here earlier in the season. Kansas had beaten us earlier on its campus earlier that year pretty bad if I recall…