One play cost UH the win against TT


Late in the third quarter the defense was looking gassed. While the defense was looking for the play call for their alignment TT was able to snap the ball and get a give me TD!

That was the worst play of the whole game. No way of knowing what TT would have done on that series/drive if the defense had not been on their knees for one play.

All the bad snaps on UH side did prevent the qb from watching the plays unfold, how does he make his reads when he’s looking for the ball, but that defensive lapse was terrible.

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Thought the thread would be about the interception down 13-10 at the 20.

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You realize how many assumptions you have to make to say we win the game if we make a tackle on that particular 1st and 10? We were down by 10 with 8 minutes to go before that last big play. Do we stop them on that drive? How much time do they run off if we do stop them? Do we still change QBs or keep Allen in there? Do they still play a prevent defense being up 10 points instead of 17 points. If all of that does happen and we make it a 3 point game. Do we not fumble the punt? If we do, do we still hold them, do they kick a field goal on 4th down because they are only up 3 points instead of 10 points? Do they continue to play a prevent defense up only 3 to 6 points with 2 minutes to go?

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I thought maybe it would be that play too. But even if Allen throws the ball away instead of throwing into coverage, we just have a chance to tie the game. Allen would still be in the game with no guarantees we ever score another point. Especially since a field goal would have been the first points our offense had scored in the second half in 3 games.


basically the opponent runs an uncontested play. does the defense play defense, intercept and score?

you can pick any other play, at least the play was contested by both teams.

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Except you are the one trying to say it was a defensive play that cost us the game. Not the multiple turnovers or that the offense couldn’t score.


how many points did tech score off 5 turnovers? based on that alone, the free play cost more than 5 turnovers.

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I’m going to use your argument then. Well our offense missed out on 7 points every time they turned over the ball

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Here is another one to think about. If our special teams had blocked the first field goal of the game, we could have gone to overtime. hmmmm


Not a math major, I assume. Let’s review.
Final score: TT 27 less points off turnovers -6 = 21 UH 24 less points off turnovers 0 = 24

It was the turnovers, pal.


You assume facts not in evidence.

Tech scored 3 pts off 5 to.

Defense gives up 6 pts while waiting for signal.

You are correct.


So the entire defense is looking for a call and the other team is about to snap the ball.



Looks like I screwed this up. UH did get 7 points off of an TT t/o, interception in 2nd Q. I used ESPN for the drive results and they show UH’s 3rd drive of the game resulted in a fumble (3 plays, -7 yards) followed by a TT field goal, their second. Official stats on shows only 3 points off t/o for TT in that game. So I’m eating humble pie and apologizing for bad data.

Nevertheless (you knew I’d say that) we can’t hang this on the D completely. Time out should have been called, yes. Coaches were caught flatfooted and team was unprepared for that quickie snap scenario, which TT has done before. Before I would blame the D on that 77 yd TD, I’d have to ask myself how many points the offense did not score because of turnovers? TT offense is such that some big plays are to be expected. We have other opponents like that - Memphis, SMU, Tulsa.

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I’m still steaming over the targeting call on us in the 1st Q. They over turned it but still called a late hit on Leroy Godfrey, which was total BS. He got there HALF a step after the QB gets the ball out. How do they expect a defensive player coming full steam to all of a sudden stop just because the ball is out of the QB’s hands? That was on a 3rd and 15. Tech went on to hit a FG on that drive to put them up 6-0. And kept our D on the field longer. Smdh

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Actually, the 27 points by TT and 5 turnovers by UH cost us the game. One play never does; they are just compounded on the many others.

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It wasn’t a late hit, it was a helmet-to-helmet that was initially called targeting, but they rescinded the targeting part of it. It was still helmet-to-helmet on the QB though.

It was the right call. Watching the replay, Godfrey came in and didn’t get his hands up for some reason. Instead, he ran straight into the QB and his helmet hit the QB’s helmet because his hands weren’t up.


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