One reason ED should win The Outland.....Amazin Play vs Navy


Ed at LT

Engages RG

Tackles FB, but realizes he doesn’t have the ball

He spins back other way and locates QB who has ball

He makes tackles on QB…UNBELIEVABLE


He won!

(Jay) #3

And he did!!!



Huge congrats go out to Ed and the whole team. Your amazing efforts show the rest of the country what incredible things are achievable at the University of Houston. .

(Tom) #6

Congratulations ED and entire team you deserve this and more. Go Coogs

(sarkcoog) #7

Now you can see why a lot of schools don’t want us in the P5. Those of you who were not around in the late 70s and early 80s, the other schools know what we can do if the field is more level.

We have accomplished more with a lot less than the majority of Universities.

(Patrick) #8