Op-ed re Clay Helton and USC

Interesting op-ed or column. Kind of reminds me of our struggles/debate on this board re Dana H.

In any event, I hope Clay does well, notwithstanding my dislike of USC.

Commentary: Mike Bohn playing the long game when it comes to Clay Helton and USC football (msn.com)


The “Fire Clay” cadre are probably the same people who wanted to fire Orgeron. It seems the impatience in LA is the same as in Austin – and many posters on this board. It seems that Clay is going to be replaced, but when is the only question. I wonder what would happen if he wins the PAC12 next year. However it turns out for Clay, I wish him well.

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They’ve been chanting to fire Clay since before they hired him. Yes, since before they actually hired him.

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I used to live in LA, and at one time USC owned that town. They were scary good and could recruit pretty much anybody they wanted. After Carroll left (right ahead of an NCAA colonoscopy), USC has suffered from its arrogance and hubris. It hasn’t done much right since. USC got rid of Ogeron because he sounded like a hillbilly on TV and embarrassed them. I told many of my USC friends USC shot themselves with that one. Helton is a zero, zero enthusiasm, zero imagination, zero recruiting and his teams are boring and not very good. You can be lousy or boring but not both in LA. Amazingly Houston seems to be going exactly in the same direction with Holgerson. Juz sayin…

Some people on Coogfans should be using a white cane . . . . .

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Geez… I should withhold my comments and defer to your genius? Is that it? I have a suggestion for your cane.

Could be a candy cane and you two could share. :upside_down_face:

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