Opponent watch 2018-19: BYU

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Last year, the NCAA began looking into allegations that guard Nick Emery had received improper benefits from a booster in a case that BYU self-reported. Over the summer, BYU announced that Emery, who withdrew from school just before the 2017-18 season began, would be returning to the Cougars but that he would be sidelined for the first nine games due to the NCAA’s findings.

Holmoe said the program could face more NCAA sanctions.


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So…BYU gets punished even though it looks like they weren’t involved, but North Carolina gets no punishment for running fake classes for decades. Fair system we have in place

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UH/BYU game will be televised on BYU TV. 374 ON DirecTV

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Yes I’m old school so still have and hopefully will always have the more traditional system which in my case is satellite-- DirecTV. The new now is youtube tv, and all the other options people are going to for their viewing options. Any event i checked ch.374 today on DirecTV and low and behold i have it. Never heard of BYU TV before. If you have directv w Choice pkg or above you in good shape for Saturday’s gm.

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BYU 105-78 over Rice tonight…