Opponent Watch 2019-20: Cincinnati

Jarron Cumberland will return to Cincy for Senior year. Big news for BearCats.


That will help them a lot and keep the league strong. It is a good thing for both Cinci and the entire AAC.

Cincinnati, now with twice the Cumberlands.


we were just talking about it in this forum a few days ago…that a few posters saying that UC has imploded and wouldnt be good

their best 3 players are returning
theyve now added jaevin cumberland a 17pt scorer
a new mexico grad trasfer pg that did 10pts per
a 7’0 grad transfer, who did 5pt per
a last minute nebraska decommit PG

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Yes, their situation changed pretty rapidly. Now they’ll be competing in the Top4 of the conference and are likely a tournament team.

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I’m one of the ones saying that they imploded, but its seems to have worked out for them. Cumberland deciding to come back was a big part of that. Since merely getting him back was big, but I doubt his cousin comes if he is in the draft.
This is all good news. I like having a strong Cinci program for the conference.
This might make us a five bid conference and I think that’s where the AAC should be 5 to 6 every year.

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I also thought they were going to implode. Cumberland’s decision to stay at Cincy still surprises me. His value as a professional prospect was not going to get any higher, and with a new coach and system to learn, I thought he would be gone for sure.

i always knew he was going to come back…his measurement, and film stock arent going to improve …but his hype stock could drastically improve

the ONLY reason carson edwards is getting drafted is becuase of hype …
there was no incentive to leave…it was g-league vs preseason all-american

Everything is setting up for Cumberland to have a monster year.
AAC Records-He should crush Rob Gray’s career 1710 points (he has 1363) & maybe Shabazz Napiers 720 pts in a season (13-14) (he had 657 last year).

If Weisman @ Memphis is Top 3 NBA draft 2020 good like he projects, AAC has a legit shot at two 1st team All Americans.

It’s weird how cumberland decides to return for his senior year while Brooks decided to go pro?!!!


Brooks skill set translates much better to the pros. Unless you are an elite talent at creating points, teams look for defense, off the ball movement, and long range shooting instead; Brooks fills those checkboxes.

Cumberland’s game is a lot like Rob Gray’s, although Cumberland is a better defensive player. Question will be if Cumberland could adjust to playing off the ball in the NBA since he more than likely wouldn’t have the ball in his hands as much as he does at Cincy.

Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a better pro than Armoni, but he’d have to adjust or work his way up and prove that he can breakdown guys at the next level before getting a shot.


Well Armoni sure can’t break down a defender. He’s a spot up shooter.

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Cumberland looked like a stone cold killer against us in some of our games. Is he too short for a 3 and too slow to be a 2?

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something to note with cumberland is if you only watched him vs UH you wouldnt notice that he isnt very efficient at all…and heavily reliant on the whistle/refs

every other team that played UC adjusted their defense to put someone huge of cumberland and he would struggle…2 of his best 3 games of the season were vs us because we were one of the few teams that stuck to our team defensive game plan (galen and corey defend best offensive guard) …we were one of the few teams that put someone small on cumberland

cumberland is dominant vs small guards…there arent small guards in the NBA

cumberland also is not as good a defender as he seems…cronin masked his weakness by having him guard power forwards, not guards and vice versa (note: it was gary clark defending rob gray not him etc.)

i read a “aac nba scouting report” and had him one of the lowest ranked prospects of the stars, saying the “bowling ball” was his skillset and that wont translate

armoni has nba skills…his issue is consistency and confidence, which are more fixable than trying to find cumberland agility


NBA wants spot up shooters that can knock down shots. That’s what Dotson was/is and he went in the 2nd round. Teams want guys to surround their stars that can knock down those shots when they get the kick-out.

Yes, I totally agree with all that. Been watching the NBA game forever. My point was he can’t break down a defender at this point in his development. You were comparing the two Cumberland and Armoni. Imo there’s no question that Cumberland has more game and more ready for NBA than Brooks. Everyone expected as they should have for Cumberland to stay in draft. Whereas Brooks came as huge surprise to stay in draft. Just my opinion on the two on where they are at currently not what will happen in the future with NBA success or lack of success.

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Cincinnati’s John Brannen is excited to start a new chapter with the Bearcats. What is like to follow “the guy” at a program? What Mick Cronin meant to Cincinnati. How will he put his finger prints on this team? His thoughts on the roster and what their style of play will be… And the evolution of the American Conference. Plus, Jon reveals his preseason top 25!

cincy get top 50 wing from the 2020 class to reclass to 2019 and signs with them


Think he’ll redshirt or play immediately?

play immediately, thats why he reclassed.

he was going to prep school, then decided he wanted to play college right away