Opponent Watch 2019 - Oklahoma

(Patrick) #1


That’s disappointing. It would have been great to see a King - Murray showdown their senior year. Not to mention that any victory in Norman now will be discredited by the talking heads.

(Rick C) #3

It’s Oklahoma. No it won’t.

(Alfred Matthews) #4

King vs Kendall?


It’s Oklahoma. I don’t care who they have a quarterback.


I’m not saying that it won’t be exciting, good game, etc. I am saying that the talking heads try to discredit us more often than not.


I can see the headlines now:

OU’s heart wasn’t in it after losing Kyler Murray over a year ago


I guess Kyler saw what the Astros have done (and are doing) to the A’s this week and thought, I have to get in on some of that!

(Patrick) #9

(Patrick) #10

(Ben B) #11

That seems like a really good hire.

(Patrick) #12

Extremely good. This guy will probably be a head coach soon.

(David) #13

So is Ruffin available?

(Patrick) #14

Don’t know. He’s pretty close with Riley so he might just go back to being co-DC/position coach again like he was before Stoops was fired.


If we show up with some kind of defense we can beat them.

(CoogNation_14) #16

They have 3- 5* WR in their 2019 class + rattler.

(College of Technology Class of 1981) #17

We kinda owned the prior as we owned Jackson at Louisville. They’re in the big show regardless. Football needs UH!

(Patrick) #18

(Patrick) #19


Definitely a good thing for our defense. With the change in coaching staff here, the turnover of players at OU, the fact that it is the first game of the season, I don’t think we can ask for any other breaks other than the game being in Houston versus Norman. Hopefully we can take full advantage.