Opponent Watch 2019: Washington State

(Patrick) #1


Starter: Trey Tinsley or Anthony Gordon

This is a position battle that is wide open, and not just in the cliché way that coaches will say when they want to avoid controversy at this point in the year. There’s no separation right now between rising redshirt seniors Trey Tinsley (a former walk-on) and Anthony Gordon, who attempted nine and five passes this past season, respectively. And within Leach’s offense, it’s hard to say those limited in-game reps provide that much of an advantage over the other quarterbacks on the roster like Cammon Cooper or John Bledsoe. And don’t be surprised to hear early enrollee Gunner Cruz’s name come up through the offseason and fall camp. The 2019 signee has a big arm and at 6 feet 5 and 227 pounds, he’s the most imposing in the quarterbacks room.

(Patrick) #2

(Drew) #3

Their defense was really underrated last year. They kept just about everyone in check. The DC runs a lot of different looksnto confuse tue offense and they have speed on the outside to force tue QB into making fast decisions. Will he an interesting matchup for sure

(Matt Jackson) #4

2 time Payton Award Finalist…that game just got alot tougher…

(Dan) #5

Of course he did, the NCAA will ensure P5 teams that play us have every opportunity available to them.


Yeah, give us more reason to kick their tails…hope they rank them high!


Don’t scare me none. A healthy King and I like our chances in every game. If our defense even had a pulse last year, we would’ve destroyed a lot of teams and beat a lot of teams that we lost to.




EXACTLY!!! I honestly believe as good as our offense was last year we will be improve this year because we will be more consistent, less stupid penalties, less dropped passes, and we will know how to manage the clock.

I expect us to actually see something on special teams, which we did not see at all.

Seeing our new strength and conditioning coach, I can almost guarantee we are going to be much improved and I expect us to win battles in the trenches. At the very least I do not see fluke injuries happening like they did last year. Injuries of course will happen, but fluke ones shouldn’t happen if you are strengthened and conditioned appropriately.

I expect our defense to be much improved because we will have coaches that actually know how to coach defensive players and more importantly they will make adjustments on defense. These two little things should show a dramatic improvement in the defense.

Put it all together… everybody will be kicking themselves at the talent that we wasted the last two years because of the previous coaching staff.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #10

Fewer dumb calls by our OC that takes us off the field will help.