Opponent Watch: Texas Tech

Watched some of their opener. Seems Kliff is destined to be a coordinator. His offenses are impressive and fun to watch… but I think getting enough defensive talent out to Lubbock is just too hard. I am still a Gibbs fan but, just doesn’t seem to be working out in Lubbock,

I was also surprised how wide open Ole Miss’s offense has become.

That being said we have to bring our A game on the road. And It could easily become a shootout.

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Would Gibbs come back to UH? Not saying to get rid of current dc, but if he should be dismissed, not based on yesterday, but the season as a whole.

Enjoyed Gibbs de, but he had better talent as well.

I like Gibbs. What his UH defenses were great at were take-aways… though we were still a bend don’t break defense under him.

I miss Orlando’s D. Innovative and aggressive, Not always perfect, but miss the 50+ kinds of blitzes.


I was at the Memphis game 2 years back, winkie Judas’ last game. I did not care for way he and Orlando kept smiling at each other when Memphis made good plays. Almost as if Todd and he were in it together.

I find the turnover thing, very intoxicating.

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We still lead the nation in the number of turnovers created since like 2012.

I admit I do like watching Kliffs offense.

The Air Raid is fun.

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