Orange Bowl Thoughts


Wisconsin offensive line allowed 1 sack and Hornibrook completed 68 % and 4 Tds and 0 Ints.
Wisc held ball 39 mins
Miami played press man, zone. Didn’t matter.
I looked on Miami board and fans are ready to choke Manny Diaz with the Turnover Chain after 3 straight losses.
One poster said “ We made a crap QB look like an All American “
When they were 10-0 he was god.
All boards are the same


I get what you are saying and know that you generally adamantly defend D’Onofrio but I think when people complain about him it’s generally and mostly about his style and not As much about his productivity. We went from 27th in scoring defense under Orlando to 39th with D’Onofrio which really is basically the same. However, if you’re going to give up 23 points in a game I think people would rather give up a couple long td passes when the team is blitzing like crazy and getting a bunch of sacks and tfl’s as opposed to a defense that is more conservative and let’s the team methodically march down with short passes for a couple of td’s. The results might be the same but people like an exciting style.

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Do not see how you can defend D’Onoforio. He put a defense on the field that played virtually a prevent D all the time. Gave up 77 points in 2 halves one of which the worst team in the Conference. He made every QB we play look like a Heisman QB.He never moved Oliver around. He never made any adjustments. Yes we were teased and spoiled by Todd Orlando,as he put a exciting aggressive D on the field. D’Onforio put out a uninspiring D that cost us several games and if he is not replaced we will never be better than mediocre. You can take those Stats and stick them as stats are for losers! All I see are 6 losses and a HORRIBLE defense!


I didn’t bring up CMD. My point is that fans generally love coaches when they win and want them fired when they lose. One week they are geniuses and next week idiots.

Re style…I get it. I like aggressive too. But I understand why CMD did this year. There are no style points awarded in football last time I checked. Gymnastics yes.
Btw…CTO defense allowed 24.2 in 2016
CMD 22.2 in 2017 and gave up 5 less TDs than 2016.
CTO Pass D in 2016…19 TDs Allowed and 7 Ints
CMD 10 Pass TDs Allowed and 15 Ints.
Per Teamrankings…”Opponent Offensive Points Allowed “
Also CTO 2015 defense gave up 275 yards passing per game. CMD 274 in 2017. Different styles and comparable results. CTO had a much more potent offense last two years as well.
These are reasons I’m not getting all bothered about style.


I’m not necessarily defending him but just pointing out why most people criticize him. I don’t particularly care for the guy and would rather see someone more aggressive calling the plays but at the same time I think the offense is a way bigger issue with the team.


Did you watch the Tulsa game???
Defense allowed 93 yards 1st half and a TD on 1 yard drive after Postma int .
2nd half…TD on 6 yard drive after Postma int
70 yard TD when Garrett Davis decides to let guy go before whistle blows…and he runs for TD
And Postma fumble with 30 seconds left is returned for TD.
What did the DC have to do with those 28 points???


And I’m showing why the criticism in the end isn’t valid when you look at the numbers which determine the game.
I’m in no way saying he’s better than CTO…but some of numbers were including scoring…which decides the game.
If his style allowed 35 points a game…I’d agree to fire him.
Saying you like one style over another is one conversation…saying a guy should be fired when numbers are good is different. It’s two different conversations.
Wisconsin Offense is generally bland…they won 13 games. Should OC be fired?

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I hate our defense’s style as much as everyone else but you have to admit most if not all of our losses the offense was to blame more than the defense. Tech the offense was bad until Postma. Memphis the offense shut down in the second half. Tulsa turnovers killed us. Didn’t watch Tulane but I believe the offense was poor.


I agree with this. Our scoring defense was in the 30’s depending on which site you use. Our scoring offense was in the 70’s. If our scoring offense was ranked where our scoring defense was we probably win 10 games.

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Ive been wanting to ask this for a while now…Manster, what is your relationship with the DC? I don’t feel too strongly one way or another with CMD. I feel he plays prevent d too much. I prefer the aggressive style of CTO. I don’t know if CMD is forced to play that style because of the personel.

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My understanding is that CMD runs his defense based on the talent he has to work with. I get what and why he does it and it’s low risk compared to CTO. I don’t like his blitz schemes.

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Mansters analysis is pretty spot on. A coach’s job is to put the team in the best possible position to succeed. It appears that CMD evaluated his personnel and made the decision that a softer defensive approach was the best option. Statistically, it appears correct. Optically it sucks, but the coach is not hired to win style points. Bottom line is that you play softer when you don’t have the talent to be aggressive because It requires the offense to execute correctly over and over again on short pass plays. Most teams can’t do that that very well and the high powered teams get frustrated. Either leads to mistakes. I expect the D to be a bit better in 2018.

Our primary issue has been lack of performance on offense. I think that will remain an issue in 2018 because I am not confident that CMO will make a good OC hire. I hope he proves me wrong.

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This is exactly how I feel. The defense wasn’t very good but the offense was definitely our bigger issue this year. The Memphis game was the only loss that was really on the defense.


Offense scored 21 points in second half. that isn’t “shut down”.

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Actually the offense scored 21 points in the second half against Memphis which is small considering the 35 points that the defense gave up.

As far as the defense goes, we were pretty good against the run. And we were pretty good against the pass at times. But the times we decided to play back on our heels and let the offense come to our defense, we sucked !!!

This, I call the Sklandany defense. If you saw the Memphis/ Iowa State game yesterday, you saw how to play Memphis. Relentless pressure on the QB and tight coverage on the receivers. Don’ t let them think. Force the action. Sure you will get beat occasionally, but nothing like if you let QB have all day to pick you apart. The Memphis QB will be in the pros next year.

And no one give me any of that crap about we don’t have the talent.

I agree, we don’t have the talent, but it is at the coaching level.

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It is a bad coupling…a Three & Out offense coupled with a D that never gets anyone Three & Out.

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So when do we get the talent? My take is we ALWAYS have talent…like every year.
Gibbs took a terrible D and made them pretty good.
Orlando took over and they did great.
D’onofrio takes over and we can’t get to the QB with an Outland Trophy Winner.
And if CMD is afraid that his guys will get beat he will never play aggressive. And they will be out there all day.
And Oliver will never get sacks because the throw their QBs make are in the first 2 seconds.

(PMM) #19

Also, because we lack a variable blitz or no blitz scheme at all, EO is double teamed relentlessly. Thus reducing his incredible talent.

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