OT: Astros game

(PortlandCoog) #1

Any Coog fans go? What. A. Game. Surprised how many people are pulling for the Astros here in Portland.

Great weekend.

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Just nuts. Like Mardi Gras in that ballpark.
Stros need a dandy out of Verly in game 6.


Between the Coogs on Sat… then the Astros afterwards and esp last night… anyone know where i can get one of those portable oxygen bottles to keep next to the sofa?


Classy team and classy players (Yuli’s poor judgment notwithstanding).

I am a huge baseball fan and have been watching baseball for A LONG time. With Altuve you have a once in a generation type of hitter.

This infield of Bregmen, Correa, Altuvi and Gurriel might be the greatest offensive infield in the history of baseball. The only ones that are close are the Dodgers of the 70s (Cey, Russell, Lopes and Garvey).