OT: Happy 93rd Birthday, @EatEmUp!

I feel better just being part of this thread.


@EatEmUp at today’s OSU game and looking good !!



The man looks younger than 93…! Thanks for the photo!!!


He’s looked virtually the same for the 40+ years I’ve known him. Being single seems to save a lot of wear and tear on the nerves.


Good job Steve !!!


First time I’ve seen Stevo without a cap.


Happy Birthday, Pat!


And, I have decided that God leaves some of us, who are NOT so good, around longer to give us a chance to “clean up our act”! So, who knows, I might be around longer than most people think.

By the way, just got home from a 5,000 mile driving trip - all by myself; went to Yellowstone National Park and saw everything between there and Houston! Looking forward now to football games!


Happy Birthday :balloon::confetti_ball::tada::gift:

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93 and taking roadtrips to Yellowstone?! RESPECT


Impressive…that’s what keeps you YOUNG !!!

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Hope the football team gives you a delayed Happy Birthday present on Saturday.


Wow, that is amazing! And, sounds like a blast!


When we all grow up we want to be like Pat!


If I had some time off I’d have went along. :wink:


Got to love Pat and his hatred for horns, ags, and crapicle.

Keep being ornery Pat. Tell em what you think!


Pat is a real Renaissance Man & Opera Buff

Pat — plz tell us about your latest trip to Europe — cities, venues, operas…

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Happy Birthday and Rock On!!

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You don’t have enough time for me tell you all that! But - cities; most beautiful would be Paris, with Vienna being a close second; favorite city in the world - London (not the most beautiful, but my favorite - only place in the world where you can still see Medieval pageantry done the same as in Medieval times!).

Still want to LIVE in Houston, Texas, USA!

Favorite venues: the Royal Opera House in London, probably; the State Opera House in Vienna (the lobby alone is worth a visit - only part of the original house that was not destroyed in the war!). And then there is the Palais Garnier in Paris - wonderful house - looks much like the Palace of Versailles! And the newly-rebuilt Teatro La Fenice in Venice (rebuilt because it was set on fire and completely burned out a few years ago - by a disgruntled workman!).

But I will now tell you something that you might well think is not true - but it is! I have friends in Naples, Italy, that I have kept in touch with for 74 years - ever since I served with the Air Force there in 1946. I went back there for a visit in 1996, 50 years after I had been stationed there right after the war.

When I was there as a soldier, I found myself in the town one week end, with nothing to do. Now, remember, the only kind of music I had been brought up with was Country-Western, and not very good Country-Western at that. I was looking around for something to do, and I saw that the opera company in Naples was doing the opera Carmen. I did not know Carmen from anything, but what the heck, might as well do that!

The lead male role was being sung by Benjiamino Gigli, whom I knew nothing about (he was once the Carusso of his time, that’s all!). I loved the opera, and have been a huge fan ever since.

Fifty years later, in 1996, I was planning another trip to Europe and planned to include a stop in Naples. I wrote to my friend, Maria, and asked her to see if they were to be doing an opera while I would be there. She responded that they were not, but they had tours through the opera house every day, if I wanted to see the house again - - one of the most beautiful and the oldest in Europe, I think.

One day while touring around Naples with Maria and Carla, her daughter, we stopped at the opera house to take the tour. We got there just as another tour was about to begin, and we joined that one. It was a group of Italians, and the tour was conducted by a man who only spoke Italian.

We were sitting in the auditorium, and the man was telling everyone about the frescoes painted on the ceiling. Suddenly, the man pointed at me and said something in Italian (Maria was sitting there with a smirk on her face); and the whole group of people began to applaud.

Turned out that the tour about to start at the very time we arrived - was from Gigli’s hometown, and Maria had told the tour director that I had heard Gigli sing Carmen 50 years earlier. That is what the man had just told the group!

THAT - would never happen again in a thousand years!


You have had a great and interesting life Pat.


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