OT: JJ Watt & family on the Tom Herman Pee Chart Bandwagon

I’m confused. What is that title?

This is real.

Means they both value staying hydrated when exercising out doors and how viewing your urine color can tell you whether or not you have enough liquids.

Of course your urine will be bright yellow after taking multi-vitamins.


Navy OCS had those too, and that was up in Rhode Island.

I didn’t know that my drinking fluids in the Texas heat was cutting-edge revolutionary.


And kind of a neon yellow after certain energy drinks.

(source…my pee the other day…God Lord, what did I drink?)

Can we pin this so it’s easier to find the next time a kid dies on a practice field? It certainly happens more often than a female getting a football scholarship.

I agree, hydration is important. However the 10 year old in me still thinks a pee chart is hilarious.

The pee chart has also been proven to be BS. It doesn’t tell you anything about your hydration levels.

Do you have a link to that? Because the pee chart has been around for a while.

(a doctor talking about colorless urine)

I tried to stay away from sports websites or ones selling water/sports drinks. I get everyone hates Herman but it gets a bit silly when things that have been around for a decade or longer get linked to him because he did his own dumb take on it. That story never mentions Herman. No one is wearing UT colors. It’s not something Herman invented or suddenly got popular because of him.

Clear is actually bad and many things beside hydration can change your color such as certain fruits and vegetable and even vitamins one might take.

Your own example mentions that darker urine means dehydration.

We had pee charts as a general guide when I was in Saudi in 1983; they are not a revolutionary idea. But they are just a general guide and color can be affected by many things, such as vitamins, medications, etc. One should be able to tell if he or she needs a drink of water; people have been figuring that out for thousands upon thousands of years – and without charts.

The charts show clear as optimal, but it actually means you are over drinking. My examples point out that darker urine COULD mean dehydration, but could also have other factors playing a role. That means the charts are bogus.

We use pee charts offshore.

But that is my point. Valid or not, accurate or not, pee charts is not a Herman thing. It’s a thing Herman has done. So mock the charts but it’s not the “Tom Herman Pee Chart Bandwagon.”

I was in river he Denver airport a couple months ago. By the urinal water color I’m of the opinion the entire state is stoned. How’s that for a “pee chart” observation.

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