OT: Michigan State Unis

(Patrick) #1


(Ricardo Montano) #2

Did you guys spot the Seahawks gloves? Lol

(YaW00CougarFootball) #3

Please!!! To the sports marketing department…you will lose a lot of old school coogs if you have this jersey that says HTOWN. I still demand we go back to our homecoming units from last year! Even though the team spit the bit vs Temple, I place that blame on the Tsip and NoD

(Charles) #4

Oregon started it, now MSU and Baylor (also green and lime) have picked it up. Very unoriginal now and has always been ugly.

(J V ) #5

I am ok with an HTown alternate uniform.

(Dan) #6

I want Jumpman all sports.

(Gerald) #7

Speak for yourself. An H-Town jersey would be sweet. I wonder if Delmar can make one. I would buy it.


Holy cow I didn’t even think of a big HTOWN across the chest like that (of course no neon). That would be dope!!! Great idea


M’eh. Looks okay.


Who knew

Red never goes out of fashion.



I don’t think burnt orange will ever be a fashion thing:


To me burnt orange says “I have every conceivable advantage but I still find a way to lose”. That is a fashion don’t.


Is that red jersey a tearaway?


I really want to unsee that.

(PortlandCoog) #14

My best friend is State alum, says the general consensus is that the fans HATE THESE. Sparty faithful are mighty upset by them.

(Brad) #15

Basically every comment under the tweet is ripping them apart. My favorite is that, for all the money the designers are getting paid-none of them could figure out how to get “State” go fit on the front of the jersey. Hilarious.

(PortlandCoog) #16

As a career graphic designer, you have to take risks sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t work out… in this case, I’d say it’s not working out.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #17

Wow. You would think for all the million$ involved, they wouldn’t have to copy/paste from a previous image.

And I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that they should probably hire PortlandCoog next time. :grin:


Very Oregon Duckish

(PortlandCoog) #19

Thanks for the endorsement!

I think in this case, Big10 schools are more conservative, prefer the “classic” designs. Oregon did what they did because Uncle Nike Knight bankrolled their unis. Plus they were trying to raise their profile as Oregon was a joke for decades in football and they wanted people talking about them - and it worked.


OK, Coog51…two confident women there…which one do you date…lol.!!! Horns Orange vs Cougar Red!