Our schedule this year vs previous 3


From the chart I just put together below, It seems pretty clear our 2017 is no worse than our 2016 schedule from a tailgating standpoint. Both this year and last we only have 2 home games whose start times are not 11 AM Saturday or Thursday night.

(Patrick) #2

This is minor, but the Navy game this year and two years ago where on Friday at 11am, not Saturday.

Also, one of the 11am games you’re counting from last season was the game at NRG against OU. A little bit different atmosphere with A/C during the game.


Oops. I was and will be there too.


True we had A/C. I wasn’t one the fan board then. Was there a lot of complaining about the start time destroying the pre-game spectacle?

(Patrick) #5

No, it was the first game of the season, against OU, and we were being talked about for the playoffs.


I extended our home schedule out for the last 10 years. Basically the AAC/ESPN TV rights has been terrible for giving us “quality” tailgate times with the exception of 2015(see blue columns). We’ve been in the AAC since 2013 and 2013 and 2014 were both not great for tailgating either and that was before HY was AD and after we got in the AAC so I don’t really buy into it being HY’s fault.

2015 was just a phenomenal year with a great team and lots of “quality” tailgates. Based on this chart I suspect that was more of an aberration and we can expect more years like 2017 while in the AAC. If we have a subpar team like this year it will likely make for an overall miserable experience for the fans at games due to losing and having poor game times in general while in the AAC.

Also, of note - we only had 6 home games this year after a long stretch of 7.