Outgoing Pac-12 Networks President Reflects On Tenure

Several administrators from member schools have criticized the Networks for not meeting profitability expectations relative to the other conference networks. Is that criticism fair?

There is a gap between what Pac-12 Networks delivers and the Big Ten Network and the SEC Network. What has to be factored in is the revenue specifically from Pac-12 Networks is only one part of the overall revenue each university receives from the Pac-12. I understand there is frustration, though no athletic director or administrator was ever told the Pac-12 Networks would deliver the same or more revenue than what its peer conferences are currently getting from their networks.

Read between the lines and how can the PAC12 network be called a success? How can’t they still have not a deal with Direct TV after how many years?

The fact is that the PAC12 has fallen behind and an adjustment has to be made at some point. Does that mean an expansion to reach bigger markets? Your guess is as good as mine. The problem is that increasing tuition alone won’t pay for the shortfalls in California alone. The PAC12 has to make some decisions. Keep in mind that more and more PAC12 potential students are leaving toward other more affordable out of State Schools. This will have an impact at some point.

The only way to expand coverage if Direct TV isn’t on board is to expand your coverage area. They have to be focusing on the central timezone, if not, they’re going to keep falling behind. They’ll already be $15M behind the B1G and SEC next year and that gap is only going to widen in the near future.

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