PAC Meeting at Uncle Tillmans Casa

Anyone planning on attending?

My invite must have gotten lost in the mail. :frowning:

Anybody go? Recap?

I’ve heard from someone else about a few tidbits:

  • When Tilman and Khator went to present to the Big 12, none of the Expansion presidents were there. Instead, there were stand-ins. Tilman knew at that point that things weren’t looking good.

  • Med School is a go and we should be announcing a partnership with a hospital at some point (partner is already known).

  • UT system is pushing UT-Houston; UT-Austin admins not really in favor

  • Plans to improve HISD in the 3rd Ward

  • Raised $650M of $1B target

  • Will be building more on campus housing - plans are already in works

  • 70% of freshmen signed up for UHin4

There was more, but I couldn’t get the full details and didn’t want to put something up that may not be correct.


This is huge news if true. With all of the new med schools popping up around the state, I didn’t have high hopes for UH’s getting approved. With that being said, Texas needs to calm down with opening all these med schools. We already have plenty, and it only increases competition for limited residency positions.

Hopefully the hospital partner is Methodist. They’re the only major hospital (afaik) in the TMC that isn’t already associated with BCM or McGovern.

The way I heard it, they met with Commissioner Bowlsby in Dallas. Which makes sense to me. The conference office is in Dallas. The Big 12 presidents charged Bowlsby with gathering info from the schools.

Were we really expecting Boren, Gee and the Baylor President (the expansion committee) to be in Dallas for a week while 11 schools made presentations to them?

As the more details come to light it’s obvious that Big12 had no intentions of expanding.


I don’t think it was quite said that the Med School was a go, but it was mentioned that there is a hospital that would be willing to partner.

Yes, otherwise what is the point of actually doing the presentation? If the presidents just wanted to get notes from some proxies then they should have just asked the expansion candidates to e-mail in some summaries of whatever they were wanting from the stand-ins. That would have saved everyone a lot of time and money; but instead they had no problem wasting our president’s time and our BoR chair’s time while valuing their own. It’s pathetic and bad business.

I will say that Tillman was very, very upset. Renu was trying to put a good spin on it.
She made an interesting point, and that is, we are the #1 university in the country in research of those without a medical school.

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When I read this; all I could say is …“Those SOBs”. What a bunch of losers. A display of total disrespect and a show of complete lack of leadership on the part of the little 10. I wish nothing but bad things for that


The little12 is a bunch of phat lazy asholes.

Wow, we do more research than Cal Tech or MIT? Maybe public, urban university?

“we are the #1 university in the country in research of those without a medical school.”

UH IS #1 in Intellectual Property Revenue,of those without a medical school, not RESEARCH.

It is IP revenue not amount of research expenditures. But, still impressive nonetheless!

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