Parking management/Post game

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As a follow up to previous post about accepting cash in the garage, disabled parking, and police traffic management…

The Cincy game was the best yet:
All three garage entrances were open, one for disabled only and NO CASH.
——Don’t cut the legs out of your CP base by allowing anyone to park in these “reserved” prime locations.

There were actually police directing traffic at Scott and Holman making the exit process smooth, efficient and quick.

Glad someone is listening.

Now if someone will just answer the ticket office phone.


Me Too - it took nearly the whole season for “someone” to listen to my complaints about that parking situation. I complained to everyone who would listen for about two months - accomplished NOTHING!

Finally, I wrote a two-page letter to Renu Khator and Tillman Fertitta; they called me within a week and said that they would fix the problem. And they did - I checked last night, and there was a rather long line of cars coming out of the entrance nearest Scott Street, the only one that gives full access to the first floor. So, obviously, I was not the only one having a problem.

I hope the person - or persons - blocking that simple solution to the problem has been properly reprimanded - like getting cut back a notch or two. Advancing beyond your level of incompetence [The Peter Principal] can - and should - be hazardous to your career!

As for the Ticket Office, "answering the phone, is just ONE of their problems. My pet peeve is that stupid recording that suddenly assaults your ears with no warning - AFTER they answer the phone! They are so incompetent in that office that I marvel that they are ever able to sell a ticket! Perhaps it is time for another letter to Renu Khator and Tilman Fertitta.

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We were early and when we tried to enter the west-most entrance, you know where the huge green handicapped parking sign had been put up, the attendants couldn’t get the gate up, made phone calls and told us to go to the student parking entrance. There we had to drive up the ramp to the upper floors as always. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Sorry you had that problem; they must have solved the problem a bit later because there was a line of cars coming out of that gate at the end of the game. I will give them the benefit of the doubt here because that was the first night that they even tried to fix the problem!

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Have called the ticket office 3 times in the past 3 months. Twice for basketball tickets and once for baseball. The most rings I have waited was about 30 seconds and all three calls the agent was able to help with the purchase and/or give all the info I needed.

Before any replies. Not saying my account negates negative accounts. Just feel like most people are vocal when things go wrong but there is rarely feedback when everything goes right.

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I figured the word hadn’t gotten out so I just went with the flow. I was too keyed up for the game to get upset. I’ll try again next game.